Digital Television

How do I order a new or replacement remote control?

Lost, broken, stolen, or dropped in water, you need your remote to get the most out of your box. To order a new or replacement remote control, fill out our remote control order form.


Please note that your remote control will be shipped within 2 working days, and you will receive the delivery via An Post within 2-5 working days. A charge of €10 will be applied to your next bill.  

Why don’t I have any reception from my Digital decoder?

Having problems with your Digital decoder? Not a problem, we’ll figure it out together.


Are the coax cables a bit loose?


First, if you have the Home Phone or Fibre Power Broadband service from Virgin Media, check if these are also affected. If they are, you will need to check the connections at the wall. It’s possible the coax cable connection to the wall socket has become loose, which isn’t that much of a bother. Check to see that the cable which screws into the outlet box on your wall is in tight and if it connects to a splitter. While you’re there, ensure all the connections on this are tight as well. If they were loose, tightening the connections should do wonders for your reception.

Has the Digital decoder been moved?


If you moved the Digital decoder and you’re no longer receiving a strong reception, there’s a chance something may have come loose. Give all your cables a look and make sure they’re secured correctly. You should also check that the wall socket is still connected and working properly. Depending on the area in the house, and the equipment required, a technician may need to come by and take a look. Contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to safely move your decoder to its new location for a nominal €60 service fee.


Are there any lights showing on your decoder?


It’s a fair question to ask, because it’s the simplest things that can go overlooked. If there are no lights visible on your decoder box, double check that the power connection is secure and the switch on the back of the decoder is in the “On” position (not all decoders will have this switch). If both check out, but you still don’t see any lights, make sure the power socket on the wall is switched on and working properly.

If there is a single red light visible on your decoder box, try pressing the UPC/Virgin Media button on your remote. If you do not have a UPC/Virgin Media button on your remote, give the standby button a go.

How do I reset my Digital box?



Where can I find my 3 digit activation code?

From time to time, you may be required to enter a 3 digit activation code when you power on your Digital set-top box. You can find your activation code in the table below, which is based on where in Ireland you live. You can also find your unique activation code by logging into your My Virgin Media account and following these simple steps:

1. Log into My Virgin Media.
2. Click on "My Products" in the top menu.
3. Select "Television" from the options that drop down.
4. Go to the "Show full details" section.


Once there, just find your region, take a look at your code, and enter it when asked again.

How do I record two shows at the same time using my Digital HD TV box?

What happens when your favourite film and the year’s biggest match are all on at the same time? Record both, and worry about which to watch first later.

With your Digital HD TV box, you can set up both recordings as you would normally, and decide which to watch later. In your TV Planner, you will see a yellow warning symbol for any shows set up to record at the same time.

For both recordings to work at the same time, your set-top box will need to be put into standby mode at the time they are due to begin recording.

Your set-top box can be switched to standby by pressing the ON/OFF button on the top right of your remote. You will see the time on the front of the set-top box when it is in standby mode.

If your set-top box is not in standby before the two shows are due to record, you will get a warning message on screen and be advised to switch your set-top box into standby immediately, or to cancel one of the recordings.





If you happen to turn your set-top box back on before the two recordings are completed, you will be presented with this warning message again. Should you want to carry on and watch Digital HD TV, you will need to cancel one of the recordings by selecting it using the arrow buttons on your remote, then pressing the blue button.

A quick tip: To ensure you record the all of your two programmes, we recommend that you set your recordings 5 minutes before the shows start and 5 minute after the programmes end. Also, when you are switching your set-top box into standby, you should leave it on one of the channels where a recording has been set up.

How do I turn subtitles on or off?

Sometimes they’re desperately needed, sometimes we could do without them. We like giving you the tools you need to never miss a plot twist, so you can adjust the subtitles in your Preference Settings.

Accessing the Preference Settings menu:

1. Click “Menu” on your remote control to bring up the main menu.
2. Select the Settings option on your screen.
3. Select Preference Settings using the up and down arrow buttons. The Preference Settings bar is highlighted.
4. Press “OK”.

5. The Preference Settings menu is now displayed on your screen.


Turn On/Off Subtitles:

Select the Subtitle Language option using the up and down arrow buttons on your remote to set your language preference for the subtitles of programmes broadcast, with the option of displaying subtitles in various languages.


Use the left and right arrow buttons on your remote to select a different setting. If you choose “Off”, the programme will be broadcast without subtitles. If you choose “On”, you’ll be able to pick from a large number of languages for the programme you wish to watch. Press “OK” on your remote to save your changes.


Of course, if you have turned the subtitles off, you can still display them on a programme-by-programme basis where subtitles are available through the programme information banner. Please note that your choice of language does not affect programmes from the Irish public and commercial broadcasters, as they do not have a language selection option.

How do I check TV listings?

We give you channels. The channels give you programmes. TV Guide puts it all in one place. To get started, press the "Guide" button on your remote control, and follow the instructions on the screen.


Select a channel category by pressing the red button   on your remote control, and you’ll be shown a list of programmes playing live. You’ll also be able to see what’s playing next on that particular channel by following the simple instructions on the screen.


To find out what else your set-top box can do, press the “Help” button on your remote control while in TV Guide, and browse a list of useful help topics.

How do I listen to Digital radio?

We don’t know why listening to the radio is so relaxing, but we do know how to set it up without stressing out. All you have to do is press “Radio” on your remote control to bring up the radio menu. Now select “All Radio Channels” and press “OK”. Then follow the instructions on the screen to listen to the station of your choice. Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy.  

How do I use the mini TV guide?

Think of the mini TV Guide as a crystal ball on the side of your screen. When you’re watching a TV channel, press “OK” and call up the mini TV guide. Then you can use the up and down arrows to see what’s playing at the moment, what will be playing next, and what will be playing later on that channel.


If you want to add Tarot cards to the crystal ball, just press the right and left arrows to see what’s showing on the other channels as well. If you like what you see, press “OK” and you’ll start watching that show immediately.


For our next trick, we’ll need a volunteer from the audience.

How do I record a show using a Digital TV box?

With Digital HD TV, you never have to worry about a spoiler alert again. You can record your favourite programme while you’re out, sit down when you get back in, and catch up before facing fans the next day.


To record using the Digital HD TV service, go to the TV Guide by pressing "Guide". Then press the red button. After that, all you have to do is select the programme you wish to record, and press the record button to set a recording.


You can also start recording at any time by simply pressing the "Rec" button. In order to stop recording, press the stop recording button. It’s fool proof. Remember to use your powers for good, and don’t spoil any plots for your friends.


How do I watch shows that I've recorded on my Digital HD TV box?

Ready to watch what you recorded? Of course you are. That’s what your Digital TV box is for. To start, press “Menu” on your remote control, select Digital Video Recorder and then press “OK”.


Next, go to My Recordings and press “OK” again.


You’ll now see a list of all recordings and the remaining storage capacity. Find the one you want to watch, and carry on.


If you want to delete any of the recorded shows, simply follow the on-screen instructions. A small green, blue and yellow icon in the shape of an eye will be next to any content you’ve watched, so you might want to get rid of a few of those first.

How do I pause live TV using the Digital HD TV box?

You know when something’s so beautiful it makes time stop? That’s the Digital HD TV box. To pause your programme, simply press the “Pause” button on your remote control. Answer the phone, check on your dinner, spend a penny – you can come back and pick up right where you left off. Just press the “Play” button, and enjoy. If you forgot to hit “Pause”, just press the “Rewind” button to go back, and the “Fast Forward” to skip ahead.


If you want to fast forward or rewind in different increments, you can set the left and right arrow buttons to go as fast or as slow as you want. Just go to the Preference Settings menu, and change the values in the fields “Playback Jump Forward” and “Playback Jump Backward”.


How do I check my Digital set-top box connection leads?

Often times, the simplest explanation is the right one. It follows that the most problems with your telly can be a loose connection. If your TV service isn’t as good as you think it should be, check that all of the leads at the back of your Digital set-top box are securely connected at both ends.


The following diagrams will help you as we go through the self-check step-by-step.

Step 1: Connect one end of the coax cable to your wall socket and the other end to the RF In socket on the back of your Digital set-top box.


Back of set-top box


Step 2. If you have a HDTV, connect the HDMI lead provided from the HDMI connection at the back of the set-top box marked HDMI to any free HDMI connection on your TV.

It’s important to keep track of the HDMI connection you’re using on your TV, because this is the channel that your TV must be tuned to in order to view the channels on your Digital set-top box.

If you do not have a HDMI connection on your TV, please use the SCART cable provided instead. Connect the SCART cable from the connection at the back of the set-top box marked SD TV-SCART to any free SCART socket on your TV. Please note, you should never connect both the HDMI and the SCART cable.

Back of set-top box

Step 3. Connect the mains cable from your Digital set-top box to a mains supply.

Back of set-top box


If after all this you still don't have reception, contact us using our online contact form, live online chat, or by calling “1908”, and selecting Option 2 to speak to a member of our Technical Support team. We hope this helped, but if not, we look forward to chatting.

I finished recording a program and it is not showing up in the My Recordings list?

If you check the "My Recordings" screen and the recordings you have made are not appearing, check the recordings have sufficient space on the hard drive. A display showing the percentage of the free space on your Digital HD TV box is shown at the top of the My Recordings Screen.

If there was free space, and the recordings are not showing, we recommend you carry out a hard reboot of your Digital HD TV set top box.


I am not getting a series link option for my chosen program?

Can’t record everything? Let’s get to the bottom of this. Some series are on at multiple times on different channels. Often, if it’s not series linked on a certain channel or at a certain time, you will have to record it in all instances, instead of as a series.  


How can I use my Virgin Media remote to control volume settings?

It's easy to set up your Virgin Media remote to control the volume on your television.

Let's get started.


1.       Press the UPC/Virgin Media button on the Virgin Media remote control. The button will illuminate once.

2.       Press the red button and the “OK” button together until the UPC/Virgin Media button flashes twice.

3.       Enter code: 993 or 991 (after the last digit the UPC /Virgin Media button flashes twice again). Depending on the model of your TV you may need another code. You can view our list of codes, if your TV model isn't listed, please refer to your TV manual.

4.       Hold down the volume up button (the UPC/Virgin Media button should flash four times).

5.       You can now use your Digital+ remote to control the volume on your television.


Please be advised that you won't see anything happen on your television or set-top box while you're completing these steps.

I am missing recordings from the TV planner and when I set them up in the Guide they won't record. What’s the story?

That sounds like a bit of a problem. After all, this is one of our favourite features. It’s actually quite easy to fix, so let’s get to it. Follow these steps to reset this function, and you’ll be back on track:


1. Start by pressing “MENU” on the Digital+ remote control. Highlight SETTINGS and press “OK”.


2.  On the next screen, highlight NETWORK SEARCH and press “OK”.

3. When asked, enter your PIN (If you haven’t set one, the default is “0000”) and press “OK”.

4. Go ahead and highlight AUTOMATIC SEARCH, then press “OK”.

5. Then press “OK” once more to start the Automatic Search.

6. The box then goes through a channel search to find the new network. This should only take a moment.

7. When the search is finished, the bottom bar goes to 100% and the channel count screen is shown, press “OK”.

8. Finally, when the Network Search menu screen appears again, press the UPC button on the remote control.

You should now have TV Pictures on all channels you have subscribed to! Pretty painless, right? Swing by "My TV Planner", delete your future recordings and set them up again. Away you go.

How do I set additional recording time at the start or end of the programme I want to record?

If the programmes you are recording are starting after the show has already begun or you are missing the end of a programme we recommend that you set additional time at the beginning and at the end of your recordings. To do this, please follow these simple steps:

1.Press the menu button on your Digital+ remote control.
2.Using the arrow keys, go to the "Digital Video Recorder" section.
3. Click "OK" on your remote.
4. Using the arrow keys, go to "Settings".
5. Press "OK" on your remote.
6. Here you will see sections for "Extra time before programme" and "Extra time after programme".


7. Highlight the section you wish to set the additional time to by using the up and down arrows on your remote.
8. Use the left and right arrow keys to add the desired amount of minutes.
9. Once you have set the minutes before and after your recordings, press the "OK" button on your remote.
10. Press the UPC/Virgin Media button on your remote to go back to viewing your TV.
11. You have now completed setting an additional recording time before or after all of your recordings.

Can I schedule a new recording if I already have a recording scheduled for the same time?

Sure you can. Select "Override previous schedule recording" tick box when scheduling the recording. Please note that if your box is in standby mode you will only be able to record one programme at this time.

Also, to be sure you record the whole programme, we recommend that you set the recording 5 minutes before the programme starts and 5 minute after it ends.

How do I delete my recordings?

Is it about time that you made room for some new recordings? Clean out a bit of your library by following these steps, then fill it back up again and watch away at your leisure:

1. Press the “MENU” button on your remote control.
2. Select Digital Video Recordings and press “OK” on the remote.
3. Select My Recordings and press “OK” on the remote.
4. Use the up and down arrows on your remote to select the recording you want to delete and press the button to delete the episode or series.
5. Press “OK” to confirm that you want to delete the recording.


Remember now that once the recording has been deleted you won’t be able to watch it again.

How can I fix my Digital HD TV when I get an INIT error message?

If your Digital HD TV box displays an INIT error message, simply following the steps below to fix the issue:

1. Hold down the "OK" button on the remote for 3 to 4 seconds until the display on your box changes to "SET UP".
2. On screen you will see list of counties, if your TV screen is blank then press the UPC button on your remote control twice
3. Select Ireland and enter your 3 digit activation code. This can be found in an earlier FAQ.

What is the Virgin Media test channel?

The Virgin Media test channel can be found on channel number 999. This channel allows you to run a Network (IP Connectivity) Test, which checks if your set top box is connected and communicating correctly with the Virgin Media network.



Please note: this test channel is only visible to Customers subscribed to our Digital+ service and live in a cabled area i.e. Virgin Media's broadband service is available at your address.


To run the test, go to channel 999 and press the red button on your remote control to begin - the test will take approximately 30 seconds to complete.


If the test has been successful you will see the below screen, you can press the OK button to view the details or press the Virgin Media/UPC button to exit the test screen.


If you have pressed the OK button to view the details of the test you will see the following screen.


If your set top box is connected and communicating directly with the Virgin Media network, you will see a "Pass" result beside "IP Connectivity" under the Networks Test section of the screen.


If your set top box is NOT connecting or communicating directly with the Virgin Media network you will see a "Fail" result beside "IP Connectivity" under the Networks Test section of the screen.


When the test "Fails" we recommend that you carry out the following steps which may help you resolve the issue. You will be provided with information to help resolve the issue:

Step 1. Check your leads and connections - make sure that all leads going from your Virgin Media outlet box to your set-top box and TV are securely in place. You can run the test again by pressing the red button on your remote control.



Remove any non-Virgin Media equipment, e.g. splitters or amplifiers, as these may be affecting the connection from your set-top box to the Virgin Media network. You could ask at an electrical retailer for more specific advice.

Step 2. Reset your set-top box by turning off the power at the socket and turning it back on after 15 seconds.


Once your set-top box is back on, run the test again by going to channel 999 and pressing the red button.



If you receive the "Fail" message for a second time, then we recommend you to contact a member of our team on 1908 (press Option 2 for Technical Support) for help with resolving the issue. In some instances, we may need to send a technician to your home to fix the issue.


Please note that a "Fail" message does not stop you watching your TV channels, however it does impact your use of our two-way services such as ON Demand TV and Remote record.