Netflix App

How can I watch Netflix on Virgin TV?

Netflix fans, we've got some good news for you. Just when you thought your online viewing couldn't get any better, now you can watch all your favourite Netflix original series, movies and documentaries on your TV. It's easy!


Here are 3 simple ways:

1. Press 'MENU' on your remote. Now go to 'MY LIBRARY' and 'APPS' to launch the Netflix app.
2. Press 'BACK' (no matter what channel you're on). Then press the left arrow for 'APPS' and press 'OK' for 'App' options. Now select Netflix. Done!


3. Just tune in to Channel 300 or 999 to launch the Netflix app.

Top tips:

- Are you a Netflix newbie? Look for the Sign Up option in the app to register.
- Already a member? Choose Sign In and fill in your details.

- Use the keypad on the back of your Horizon remote to easily browse and select what you want.

- Once logged in, you can choose Netflix or Netflix Kids.

Now use the arrow keys to choose what to watch. Found something good?

Press OK on your remote to play it. You can use the pause, rewind, fast-forward and stop keys to control what you're watching.

Want to see your options?

Press the 'BACK' key for the main menu and press 'BACK' again for Options. Here you'll find:

- Search - loads the search menu.
- Kids - opens Netflix Kids.
- Account Information - shows your Netflix membership info. You can also exit Netflix and sign out of the app here.

- Exit Netflix - lets you quit and return to where you were.
- To leave the app at any stage, just press 'BACK TO TV'.

Forgot your username or password, or need more info on your Netflix membership? No problem! Head to and you'll find everything you need there.

You can also find out more about your Netflix account with Virgin Media in our Netflix FAQs section.

Happy viewing!