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Virgin Media Parental Controls

At the click of a button, the internet can transport children into a universe of knowledge, education, games and entertainment. But there are also dangers they need protecting from. That’s why we’ve launched Virgin Media Parental Controls.


Virgin Media Parental Controls keep you and your family safe by restricting access to websites that contain age inappropriate content, while connected to your home broadband. Best of all, it’s totally FREE to use, and Easy to activate via your My Virgin Media account.


Virgin Media Parental Controls is a free service that restricts access to websites that contain age inappropriate content. It will help protect any device that is connecting to your Virgin Media Home Broadband Service

  • Helps to keep the younger members of your family safe when online 
  • Restricts access to age inappropriate web sites.
  • Free for all Virgin Media Broadband customers.
  • Will automatically apply to all devices that access your home broadband connection.

How do I turn it on?

Virgin Media Parental Controls can be activated in My Virgin Media. It is up to the main account holder to decide whether or not to activate it.

It is easy to change the settings – the following steps take you through the process:


  • Visit the Virgin Media Parental Controls area in My Virgin Media.
  • To activate Virgin Media Parental Controls select ‘ACTIVATE’
  • To deactivate Virgin Media Parental Controls select ’DEACTIVATE’


It may take up to 24 hours for the change to be activated on your modem. The Parental Controls area in My Virgin Media will be updated once the service has been activated or deactivate.





What types of websites does Parental Controls restrict?

Virgin Media Parental controls will restrict access to websites that contain the following material:


  • Adult and Pornography
  • Nudity
  • Abused drugs
  • Hate & Racism
  • Violence
  • Marijuana
  • Hacking
  • Weapons
  • Questionable
  • Gross


Virgin Media Parental Controls will NOT restrict access to social sites as these have their own governance.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
Virgin Media Parental Controls will protect any device connected to your home broadband, including:


  •  - Smart Phones
  •  - Tablets
  •  - PCs
  •  - Laptops
  •  - Games Consoles


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