Happy July 4th – but which All-American superhero are you?



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It’s July 4th, and we’re tickled all manner of colours – though mainly red, white and blue – to celebrate everything great about our transatlantic chums. And when it comes to honouring the best the USA has to offer, well, what better way to do it than by lauding the very best – the genuine superheroes they’ve gifted the film world?!

There’s a wealth of superhero spectaculars awaiting you On Demand – including Captain America: The First Avenger (€1.99), Iron Man (€1.99 for each of the three) and the classic Independence Day (€1.99) – and the quiz below will tell you which of our great guardians of the globe you match up closest to! God speed, reader…

1.       How old are you

a)      …It’s complicated

b)      Pretty young

c)       Young at heart


2.       When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

a)      A soldier

b)      An astronaut

c)       Rich


3.       How would you describe your goals as a superhero?

a)      To protect from evil

b)      To serve for good

c)       To destroy anyone who stands against me


4.       Which of these are you most likely to do?

a)      Take orders

b)      Ignore orders

c)       Give orders


5.       What one item can you never leave the house without?

a)      A US flag pin

b)      A good cigar

c)       Your best suit


6.       How intelligent would you say you are?

a)      Smart enough to get by

b)      Smarter than the bad guys

c)       Smarter than everybody


7.       What’s on the menu to celebrate July 4th?

a)      Apple pie

b)      A barbecue

c)       Burger King


8.       It’s time for a gym workout – what are you lifting?

a)      300kg on a good day

b)      75kg, for 12 reps

c)       A few hundred tons…as long as I’m dressed for the occasion


9.       Summer holidays are here again – how are you travelling?

a)      I’ll drive

b)      A trusty F-18 – and I’m piloting

c)       I’ll fly myself…literally


10.   Okay, so your mission to beat the baddies looks complete – what now?

a)      Put my plans on ice…

b)      What’s on TV?!

c)       Back to the day job – there’s money to be made



You’re Captain America! You’ve dreamt of doing the right thing – and now, thanks to the Super-Soldier serum, you’re able to be the hero you’ve always wanted to be. Your heroic tendencies go right to the bone, and the world is a better place for it – though it wouldn’t hurt to have more fun every now and then!


You’re Captain Steven Hiller of Independence Day! You may not have seen it coming, but when humanity’s future is in your hands, you’re more than up for the challenge. Most of the time you’re just an everyday guy, but when the going gets tough you really get going – truly the perfect balance!


You’re Tony Stark, aka Iron Man! You’ve not always been the good guy – but so what? Once you realised it was time to do your part, you went above and beyond the call of duty, using your ingenuity and resources to become an irresistible force. Just don’t be afraid to dial it back once in a while…


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Have a ‘super’ July 4th:

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