The Shows That Made Some Of Our Favourite Stars

star making tv shows

Everybody’s got to start somewhere – and even in the glamorous world of showbiz, that’s a fact. You can’t just march straight onto set of a massive blockbuster and declare yourself part of the furniture, after all – but for some, one strong showing can deliver the biggest of breaks!


As Mr. Robot wraps up on Amazon Prime – with a shiny Oscar statuette in the trailer of its star, Rami Malek – we got to thinking of some more shows that launched the careers of their stars. Here’s a handful who really saw a shift in fortunes…



Friends, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


OK, we’ll admit it; if you were a die-hard fan of Leprechaun, you might have come across Jen before – but we’re guessing that’s not the case! No, it was in the company of her five best buds that she first made waves; with a host of massive film roles since, as well as a recent record-breaking introduction to Instagram, it’s clear her star power hasn’t diminished much since!



The IT Crowd, available now on All4


While Irish viewers might have caught the Roscommon man in The Clinic, there’s no question as to how he came to wider recognition; as the hapless tech expert Roy Trenneman in Graham Linehan’s comedy crackers. It also shone a light on his partner-in-crime Richard Ayoade – which makes it a show with significance far beyond its run!



Grey’s Anatomy, available now on Virgin Box Sets


The medical show has had more than a few breakout actors in its time; that’s what happens when your run stretches for more than 15 years! And while the likes of Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl have graduated to the wider world, we can’t wait to see what the man also known as Dr Jackson Avery will get up to; he’s already caught the eye for all number of reasons!



Dawson’s Creek, available now on Amazon Prime


While we’ll admit our eyes might have been on Dawson and Joey for lots of the show, it’s worth revisiting to appreciate the talents of a woman who’d go on to score four Oscar nominations – as well as hatfuls of other accolades throughout a sterling career. She’s come a long way from Capeside!



Stranger Things, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


OK, so it’s probably a little early to single out just one of the gang – we’re sure our Hawkins heroes will all go on to massive things! But with roles in It and The Goldfinch already under the belt, as well as a turn in the upcoming thriller The Turning – filmed in Ireland! – you can’t help but be impressed at how he’s stepping up the ladder in double-quick time!


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