Five Top Apps To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions In Check 

top apps for new years

The hustle and bustle of Christmas has died down, you’ve stuffed your face with leftovers and chocolate, and watched every Christmas special under the sun. You take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, and suddenly decide that, a stroke after midnight on January 1st, you’ll transform yourself into a new version of yourself; a robot hybrid of good looks, charm and talent with the body of a professional athlete and the looks of a supermodel.


Sound familiar? Us too! But this year, you can call upon technology to help crack the code to actually fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions (maybe for the first time!). These are our top picks to keep you motivated and consistent for the year ahead…



Available for Android and iOS


Decided 2020 is the year to become fighting fit? Then this is your secret weapon! It allows you to count calories by scanning the barcodes of food you eat, so you’ll always know when you’ve had one too many treats. Ideal for those who want to be healthier but aren’t sure where to start, there’s thousands of recipes and online resources available, and it’ll connect to your preferred fitness tracker too – so that FitBit you got for Christmas won’t sit gathering dust!



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If the holiday festivities left your wallet barren, then here’s your saviour. Helping to manage your money better, save for a big event, or even clear off some of that Christmas debt, it works by making you more aware of your spending habits and helping break expenses down into what’s immediately necessary and what can wait. You may not leave 2020 with savings to rival Jeff Bezos, but you’ll definitely have more coins in your pocket to spend on what you enjoy!



Available for Android and iOS


Been a bit of a Scrooge this past year? This app will help you to realign your focus, and become more positive and grateful for everything you have – you can thank us later. By prompting you to think about your friends and family, it promises to make you a better person – and unless you’re in line for sainthood, that’s something we could probably all use! And don’t worry Android users, Journey is a great alternative – so there’s no excuses for not becoming a selfless philanthropist in 2020…



Available for Android and iOS


We’ve all had a feeling that the majority of our time was squandered instead of actually getting around to the important things – right?! Good, it’s not just us! This app is like having your own tiny personal assistant in your pocket, keeping on top of everything from appointments to aspirations. Plus, you’ll avoid having to track of endless lists with them all stored in this handy app. Becoming productive really is this easy – we just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. It’s on our list though, we promise!


What are you waiting for – grab your phone and get downloading! And for all the finest phones and perfect plans, click here to find out more from Virgin Mobile…