What Makes The Crown Such A Right Royal Treat!

The Crown Season 3

Since The Crown arrived on screens three years ago, we’ve had no choice but to bow down; it’s one of the most regally remarkable shows around! A generation-spanning, boundary-breaking, captivating period piece, it’s now just made its boldest move yet, as Season Three was unveiled in all its sparkling magnificence.



Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999, it does not star Claire Foy, it is not set in the 50s, and you can throw out a whole bunch of other stuff you remember from previous seasons as well! Another reminder that the show is operating on another level, there’s a load of brand new reasons to love it – for a few of them, read on…




When we found out that the entire cast – the award-winning, praise-earning, excellent ensemble – was being overhauled, we were a little bit nervous…until the new crew was unveiled, that is! Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, even the iconic Charles Dance; now that’s what we call a welcome change! And, of course, that’s without even mentioning the woman on the throne…




Whether her comedy turn in Peep Show, her dramatic efforts in Broadchurch, or her Oscar winning exploits in The Favourite, we’ve never been short of reasons to acclaim the awesome Olivia Colman – but here’s one more for the sake of it! Stepping into the royal regalia with her typically understated charisma, her portrayal of QE2 is yet more evidence that she’s a jewel in her own right…






As with any show based on real events, the plot is essentially at the mercy of the history books; thank goodness, then, that the period covered in Season Three – spanning from 1964 to 1977 – contains all the fireworks you could possible need. From plotting a military coup to reacting to disaster, there’s all manner of major events; and that’s without looking towards the more nuanced drama afoot…




While the early episodes of the show might have presented the royal family as shining, steady institution, the truth is laid bare this time around; not everything is as rosy as it seems. The pressure of the outside world certainly takes its toll, but it’s in the internal strife that becomes even more enthralling. It’s not often we see the aristocracy like this – and it’s certainly quite the view!




OK, so we know Season Four is a while away – and we’re more than happy to enjoy the wonders of Season Three for another bit! – but it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the story will continue. And the set-up could scarcely be more tantalising; we enter the politically turmultuous late 1970s, and even meet Lady Diana Spencer – so you can be assured that the excitement is far from over!


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