Getting Your Stateside Sports Fix For Thanksgiving

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It’s a full-blown Turkey Thursday this week in the U.S. – Thanksgiving is here! And while it’s not exactly a holiday in these parts, there’s one easy way to get right in the swing of things; by wolfing down a bellyful of the best sporting action the land of the free (and home of the brave) has to offer!


So grab your foam finger and get the USA! USA! USA! chants started; here’s your ticket to a top Thanksgiving feast of action!


NBA – Lakers @ Pelicans

2.30am, Sky Sports Main Event, Virgin TV 401


Well, you did ask for a full sporting extravaganza, so alarm clocks at the ready; it might technically be Wednesday night in the U.S., but once the clock passes midnight we’re calling it Thanksgiving! Anthony Davis will be back in New Orleans – but this time as a Laker, with teammate LeBron James and the rest of the west-coast stars in tow. The L.A. side will be well fancied to make an easy night’s work of it; how viewers here fare with the late night/early morning is another matter entirely!


NFL – Bears @ Lions, Bills @ Cowboys, Saints @ Falcons

5pm, Sky Sports Action, Virgin TV 403


There’s a triple bill of gridiron goodness to look forward to, bringing you from early evening well into Friday morning! As always, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys will both be on hosting duties; the Chicago Bears heading to Motown, while the Buffalo Bills are the visitors to the Lone Star State. If you’re still up, the local rivalry of the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons will keep you entertained until around 4am – best grab an extra cup of coffee if you fancy going the whole hog!



7pm, Sky Sports Arena, Virgin TV 406


If you really want to go full star-spangled on it, then this is your opportunity; the inter-continental clash to see who’s the best on the baize. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s essentially the Ryder Cup of pool, and it can get every bit as boisterous as the iconic golf tournament – it’s taking place in Las Vegas, too, which probably helps in that regard! The Americans claimed the annual prize last time, breaking a run of eight successive victories for the Europeans. Who’ll prevail this time around? There’s only way to find out!


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