Darts Grand Prix 

Peter Wright

It’s the only time of year that leaves Halloween in the shade when it comes to crazy costumes and unusual sights across Dublin, as the giants of darts descend upon the capital for the PDC World Grand Prix.


With live coverage throughout the week on Sky Sports (Virgin TV 401), those who weren’t lucky enough to land tickets for Citywest can get in on the fun – and it truly is one of the biggest parties in Ireland when the titans of tungsten come to town. You know what they say – there ain’t no party like a darty party!


Mind you, that’s not the only occasion when we prove capable of combining sporting action with a good ol’ knees up. Here are just a handful of the best…




The last Monday of July is one to mark on the calendars, as that’s the first day of the annual equine extravaganza on the West Coast. It’s been immortalised in poetry by Yeats and trad music throughout the years, and whether it’s strutting your stuff on Ladies’ Day on Thursday, or glad-handing politicians at their respective party tents, there are few more happening places during the summer…




If there’s one thing that fans of the oval ball pride themselves on, it’s their willingness to push rivalries to the side in pursuit of a good time. That’s why come spring every year, the capital welcomes legions of rugby supporters from across the continent – and from the kilt-wearing Scots to the Welsh singing hymns and arias, these are weekends that never pass quietly!




Purists might point towards the Sunday afternoon showdowns as the ultimate celebration in our nation’s sporting calendar – and we can’t pretend the games aren’t massive in themselves. But let’s be honest; if you spot supporters nervously trading tactical points – or young fans doing their bit for inter-county relations in Coppers! – you’ll know that it’s the 24 hours before a game that really makes it a social spectacular…




While it’s normally a rather classy affair – shots and dance-offs aren’t the order of the day here! – there’s tens of thousands of people from around the globe who wouldn’t miss this gathering for love nor money. The Nations Cup remains the main event, but from the events for younger competitors to the high fashion stakes on show, there’s normally plenty to catch the eye!


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