Smart Home For The Holidays

smart home technology

This Christmas, there’s a pretty good chance that there won’t be a mouse stirring all through the house – that’s the joy of voice control, folks! Yes, filling your home with the finest gadgets has certainly changed things, and the festive season is no different.


In fact, we reckon there’s every chance that you’ll see the season in a whole new light once your smart technology begins to leave its mark. How? Well, we’d probably be here all day if we were to go through the entire list, but here’s just a handful of reasons to get you started; proof positive that there’s nothing like being a smart home for the holidays…




If there’s one thing we have in common with Simon Cowell (and really, it might be the only thing!), then that’s how disappointed we are with bad singers. It’s even more painful come December, when a few cherubic faces are perched on the doorstep, doing their best (or worst) with a carol of their choice. Well, get a good glimpse before you leave the couch with the Nest Doorbell – and if they don’t have the X factor…




It’s not every day that you take on a full turkey and ham dinner – with all the trimmings too, if it weren’t already difficult enough! So if you need a helping hand, look no further than your Google Nest Hub; it’ll scour the web for some of the best recipes around, guiding you through the process and setting handy timers along the way. Best part of it all? It won’t even expect a plate once it’s all ready!




If there’s one thing nobody can resist at Christmas, it’s a beautiful, twinkling light show. If there’s one thing that nobody enjoys, it’s the sinking feeling when you realise you forgot to plug them out! Take the smart option, then, with smart plugs; as well as turning on and off at the touch of a button, they can also be scheduled ahead of time – meaning when you’re ready to turn in, your lights are ready to turn off!




Whether you’re reliving party footage, or streaming the latest fantastic flicks on VIrgin Movies, gathering around a phone screen isn’t exactly a group activity. Thank goodness, then, for the peacekeeping abilities of a Chromecast; beaming your phone or laptop screen to the TV, it’s a surefire way to allow everyone in on the long as there’s enough space on the couch, that is!


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