What Happened On The First Episode Of Love Island 2020?

Love Island 2020 Cast

Well, that didn’t take long, now did it? The new season of Love Island kicked off last night on Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103, invading our winter schedule for the first time ever – and by the looks of things, it’s going to seriously warm up the cold nights!


The first 10 islanders hit the South African villa under the watchful eye of our own Laura Whitmore, and the usual pairing off and getting-to-know-you process began in earnest. For posterity, we should list the couples, even though they’ll be changing soon – very soon…


But, just in case it arises at a table quiz or some such: your pairings to kick things off are Ollie and Paige, Mike and Leanne, Connor and Sophie, Nas and Siannise, and Shaughna and Callum…


But not for long.


That’s because identical twins Eve and Jess arrived at the villa just before the sun set, causing an instant reaction amongst the other girls. That, mind, will be nothing compared to the responses they’re likely to illicit tonight, as they’ve been given the chance to pick any of the boys to couple up with – leaving two of their fellow islanders all alone.



Like we say, it really didn’t take long for this season to come to a boil!


Mind, we’re really only getting started – because from arguments over their romantic pasts (obvs), to Siannise rinsing Nas’ shorts (which is entirely reasonable, cos they were naff), small signs of the big events that make the series what it is are already starting to appear!


And a word, too, for Laura, who nailed her role so comprehensively we’ve almost forgotten Caroline Flack entirely!


It might be howling winds and lashing rain outside right now, but we’ve got a summery feeling already!


We’re off and running on Love Island 2020 – and if you missed the first leg, you can catch up on Virgin Media Player right here