Last Minute Mobile Tips For Christmas 2019

Last minute mobile tips for Christmas

Whether you’re scrambling for last minute present ideas, or searching for some emergency entertainment, the secret to a very merry Christmas might just be on your mobile! The new PLAY Magazine features a handful of our suggestions on how your phone can help with festivities – check out these examples to see just what we mean!



Available on iOS and Android


From making animal noises and trying funny accents to naming celebrities from showbiz and sport, you never know what will be on the next card – though that’s sort of the point! Games to keep the whole family happy don’t come along every day, so this one might just prove your Christmas miracle!




The apex of audio subscriptions is great for audiobooks and exclusive podcasts, too. The library is absolutely massive, nearing half a million titles at this point, while a range of membership options means you can find one that suits your usage!




Whether you’re already in the socket-less world of the iPhone, or simply don’t fancy de-tangling cables every time you take your headphones out, it’s time to get with the programme – and it’s wireless! Do your tunes justice with these natty numbers, which have a battery life as big as their sound!


Check out the new issue of PLAY Magazine for more of your phone’s finest festive treats; it’s right here!