How Darklands Has Brightened Our Winter

Darklands TV Show

It’s been one of the most nailbiting, intense and downright enthralling series in recent memory – and they’ve saved the best for last! Darklands has had us glued to the screen for the past six weeks, culminating in a finalé with all the fireworks you could possibly expect!


If you haven’t been tuning into Virgin Media One, then don’t fret; the entire series is available on Catch Up right now – hit your On Demand Button and enjoy! And for an idea of what to expect, well, let us fill you in on why the show has had our hearts racing…




One of the most striking things about the show – and perhaps one of the most affecting things, too – is how young the cast is. It also opens a whole new element to the story; while we’ve often watched grizzled veterans going about their dastardly deeds, the road to ruin isn’t one we’ve always had the chance to join from the start. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that the performances are on point across the board; there’s a whole lot of talented young actors on show!




Rather than set off at a million miles an hour, the action in Darklands is a lot more measured; the tension builds and nerves set in as every scene is allowed to breathe. That, by the way, probably explains why five episodes later, every viewer is on tenterhooks waiting to see how it ends – but when the build up is so brilliant, maybe we shouldn’t be in such a rush to find out!




Combat sports have long been a vital and visceral part of great storytelling on screen – we see you, Mr. Balboa! – and the world of MMA is a great backdrop here. Whether it’s serving as a metaphor for outside struggles, or as a heartpounding addition to the action, our heartrates rise every time we step inside the cage…which is quite something, considering we’re on the sofa in our PJs!




Plenty of crime shows revolve around macho men at the top of the food chain; we love the fact that Bernie rules the Hill Crew with an iron (but well manicured!) fist. The indomitable Judith Roddy – who’d already won our hearts in Derry Girls – is perfectly cast as the leader of the loutish lot; add in Donna’s stewardship of the junior goon squad and you’re looking at a pair of sisters who are really doing it for themselves!




We love a Hollywood blockbuster or gritty British drama as much as anybody – but there’s nothing quite like home! Mark O’Connor has made unmistakably Irish productions his calling card – and Darklands bristles with authenticity and realism at every turn. From the accents to the location, it’s right on our doorstep; all you need to do is jump in!


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