Six Of The Best - Our Kings And Queens Of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Boxset

Whether you’re a sofa sleuth or an armchair thrillseeker, chances are you’ve seen an episode or ten of Criminal Minds in your time. After all, the seminal show has been running for ages by now, delivering an injection of investigative drama that we’ve come to love.


Right now, a full 13 seasons of the series are available on Virgin Box Sets – and we’ve already been wading through a load of our favourite episodes…which got us to thinking. Across more than a decade, we’ve met a whole host of BAU staffers – but is it possible to pick out the best of the bunch? Well, we’re not saying this is the definitive list – we’re sure you have your own! – but it’s certainly a six-pack of superstar characters we could stack up against the best of them!





The long-time chief might have gone, but he won’t likely be forgotten any time soon; when you’re part of so many heartbreaking storylines, you tend to end up burned into our brains! Also, he had the good grace to select a stellar replacement as he left…




A tough girl with a gooey centre, Prentiss is the ultimate team player – which is why she’s well suited to running the place now! She might be even higher on the list, in fact, if it weren’t for the fact that she disappeared for years; we won’t hold that against her though, since we’re all so glad she’s back!





There’s no doubting that Morgan’s role is mainly as muscle – but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a taste of Chocolate Thunder! He’s a hard-man, but he has a heart of gold – not least when he’s at his most charming when chatting with…





Derek calls the technical analyst ‘Queen’, and we reckon she’s royalty alright! The emotional core of the show, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s not cut out for the demanding role – but there’s never a time that she’s not ready to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in!




Whether its hosting the whole team in his house, or having the backs of everyone around him, this bloke is like glue to hold the whole team together; thank goodness they managed to tempt him out of retirement as they did! He’s also a man for suede shoes and fancy artwork – and we couldn’t fault anyone for enjoying the finer things in life!





Three PhDs, a photographic memory, and bucketloads of sass; even though he’d not the ideal action man, he’s got plenty to fall back on! In many ways, he’s one of the most complex characters on the show, which is probably why, all these years later, we’re still as happy to see him as we were first day!


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