The Best Ways To Spend Christmas Eve With The Kids 

Christmas eve activities for kids

Our grannies always told us that staring at the clock doesn’t make time go any faster. Of course, she was right; grannies are very wise. But one thing she didn’t mention was that time seems to move particularly slowly on December 24th – when there’s less than a day to go until Santa arrives and the Christmas festivities truly begin!


Of course, if you’ve got little ones you’ll already be well aware; the countdown’s probably been on for weeks! But if you need some tips to handle the final hours, then look no further; from trackers to trailers, your survival guide is below…



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The North American Aerospace Defense Command probably doesn’t sound like a cuddly bunch. But when we tell you that they are the greatest resource when it comes to tracking Santa’s movements in and around Christmas? Well, now, that changes things! With games, videos, music and stories alongside the all important travel info, it’s the ultimate way to keep tabs on St Nick – and make sure everyone gets to bed on time!




It’s the Disney delight that’s lit up Christmas – and, just like the first instalment, it’s thanks in large part to the scintillating soundtrack! With stars Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kacey Musgraves and Panic at the Disco, it’s a slate of singalong classics – and if you don’t know the words yet, you will soon!




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Preparing Christmas dinner is no laughing matter, but while you might be up to your eyes in duck fat – now there’s a pleasant thought! – the kids can get in on the action without getting in the way! Featuring a neatly escalating gameplay that means even the older chefs will face a challenge, this mobile game is a perfect distraction while you get down to business!



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While there’s obviously loads of timely choices out there, it might be worth scouting out some non-festive films if the wait is all getting a bit too much! In that case, you’ll struggle to find much more of a shift that joining Simba and co. in the African plains, in a visually stunning reboot that shares all the charm and heart of the original!



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