What Do I Need To Know About Broadband?


Perhaps Santa left your stocking overflowing with new devices; maybe it was a gargantuan haul of games that you found under the tree; or it could just be a New Year’s plan to make sure you’re connected like never before. There’s all sorts of reasons why broadband might be on your mind as 2020 kicks off – but we’ve got you covered whatever the case may be!


Our recent issue of PLAY Magazine included the return of our Jargon Buster series – this time, focusing on all things broadband. From Download v Upload to Mbps v MBps, it’s not always easy to wrap your head around the finer points – but we’ve done the hard work for you! Click here to dive into the article – or read on if you really can’t wait to find out the answers to the above!


Download v upload speed


In simple terms, these indicate what your connection is doing in opposite directions. Download speed measures how quickly that Netflix show you’re glued to will take to download onto your device, whereas upload speed measures how long it takes to upload a file to a platform like YouTube.


Mbps v MBps


Take careful note of the cases, here – because they’re actually not the same thing. The lowercase ‘b’ refers to bits and the uppercase ‘B’ refers to bytes. Mbps is the speed in which the internet runs, while MBps measures how much of a file can be downloaded per second.


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