Our Black Friday Buddies To Spot A Bargain

Black Friday Bargains

While our friends across the Atlantic have all sorts to celebrate this month, we’re less concerned with Thanksgiving as grabbing some bargains as Black Friday rolls around! Of course, Virgin Media’s own Red Friday sale is already underway, with loads of fabulous deals to get your hands on – click here to see them for yourself!


But if you’re lining up an online spending spree for November 29th, you’ll want your bargain-sniffing skills on point – and we know a crew that could help. When it comes to digging out discounts, this lot know just what they’re doing…



Ozark, Seasons 1-2 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


His bank balance might be looking good – for now, at least! – but Byrde is still a bargain hunter at heart. Get this fella by your side and every last penny will be carefully accounted for – and there might just be a few exciting investment opportunities along the way!




Ugly Betty, Seasons 1-4 now available on Virgin Box Sets


The Big Apple on a budget is no easy challenge, but when the receptionist is suddenly cut off by her wealthy family she proves she’s capable of managing her accounts as smoothly as the switchboard! Never looked anything less that mega-fashionable, either; that’s a win in our book!




Modern Family, Sky One, Virgin TV 114


Even when the mooted Dunphy Tower didn’t materialise, the cheeky chappie proved himself a sharp business mind, too – turning the plot into a profitable car park. Also, he’s an estate agent by trade; something tells us he’s more than capable of pulling off a hustle if it’s required!




Aladdin, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


If you’re talking about someone with the skills to dig out buried treasure, then look no further; here’s a guy to track down the haul of your dreams! Bonus points, of course, if he brings his pal the Genie along; no more discovering your size isn’t in stock with him around!




Sister Act, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The former Deloris Van Cartier had no shortage of style sense, so we’re sure she’d be well able to spot something fly. But it’s her new calling – and the presumed vow of poverty – that we’re most interested in; we reckon this nun knows how to stretch the cents!




The Apprentice, Wednesdays @ 9pm, BBC One, Virgin TV 108


OK, so his own purchasing power is at the level that he doesn’t really need to worry about price tag – but old habits die hard. He’ll happily negotiate all day long, and he’s willing to fire people for overspending; that tells us he’s a useful bloke to have when on the lookout for a deal!



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