Music To Our Ears! The Best TV Shows For Super Sounds

best tv show soundtracks

When it comes to terrific telly, there’s one side of the audio-visual combination that seems to draw more attention. And while we’re all for something looking sumptuous, we also care how it sounds – it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing (or beat, or pop, or whatever else you fancy!)… We’ve been hogging the headphones and putting some of our favourite series to the test – and we’ve picked out five with truly sterling sounds. So sit back and let the waves wash over you; these shows will rock your socks off…



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The gripping show is produced by 50 Cent, so it probably shouldn’t come as any great surprise that they take their music pretty seriously indeed! Of course, a show set in the heart of New York City has hip-hop as its backbone, and so everyone from A$AP Rocky and Lil Wayne to Wiz Khalifa and Fiddy himself pop up along the way – turn this one up loud!




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Whether it’s world famous names like Ed Sheeran, up-and-comers like Freya Ridings, or even our homegrown heroes Roisin Murphy and Snow Patrol (go on the Irish!), it seems like the long-running medical marvel always knows the right accompaniment to choose. They’re at their best when accentuating a tear-jerker, too; who’ll ever listen to ‘Chasing Cars’ in the same way again?!




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A show so entrenched in the 1980s requires a retro-tastic sound to match – and this one delivers in spades. The synth-soaked original music is a perfect tone setter, but they’ve also got pretty sweet taste when it comes to plucking tunes from the library; The Clash, New Order and, er, Limahl’s ‘The Neverending Story’? It all makes sense in context, we promise!




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Another piece of period perfection, the hilarious story of a female stand-up making waves in 1950s is a typically dialogue-heavy Sherman-Palladino special – but even when the talking stops, the awesome audio continues! The world of 60 years ago is brought to life in style, and anyone unfamiliar with cool crooners and smooth swingers might just learn a thing or two!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


At its heart, Breaking Bad is a show about clashing cultures, as demure schoolteacher Walter White enters a completely different world. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on tone-setting sounds throughout the series – from Jesse blasting DR Period’s ‘Money’ to the narcocorridos that accompany scenes down south, it’s a masterclass in nailing noise!



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