Many Happy Returns! The Netflix Shows We're Seriously Excited For This Month

Netflix shows 2020

The start of a New Year means a lot of new beginnings – but we can’t help but get excited when we think about some old favourites making an appearance in 2020 – and some of the finest aren’t hanging around! Indeed, Netflix is where you’ll find some of the very best shows around returning to kick off the year in style.


So, tune into Virgin TV 999 right now to get reacquainted with old friends; while the likes of Power and The Good Place have already returned, there’s still a lot more to come – including this lot!



Season 6 available from January 15th


Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s terrible twosome are back – and we hear wedding bells! The golden oldies have earned a special place in our hearts over the years, and the winning combination of heart and hilarity makes this a show perfect for curling up and binging while the weather does its worst outside!




Season 2 available from January 17th


The exploits of Otis Mulburn and his Moordale Secondary gang was one of the most innovative and inventive to hit our screens in a long time – so we’re ticked all manner of colours by their imminent return! Cracking gags and plenty of cringe is par for the course here – as well as majestic moments from Gillian Anderson as the oracle of knowledge at home!




Season 4 resumes from January 23rd


We’re already midway through the latest adventures of the Archie Comics crew – and we dare say that things are even wilder, weirder and more unpredictable than before! We were left on an almighty cliffhanger, too – we won’t give too much away if you’re not up to speed! – but Jughead’s fate alone has us counting down the days until we’re back in town…



Season 3 available from January 24th


Kiernan Shipka’s incarnation of the teenage witch returns – and things are about to get messy. When we last checked in, Sabrina was making plans to hit the fiery pits of hell in order to save her boyfriend Nick – young love, eh?! The show’s never been afraid of embracing the dark side, so we’re bracing ourselves for some hair-raising moments; turn the lights off and prepare for scares!




Season 6 resumes from January 31st


With every passing year, this blacker-than-black comedy seems to improve – so who’d bet against the best having been saved for last?! Unfortunately, this will be the last we see of this exceptional equine, and there’s already signs of plotlines beginning to move towards an endgame – but we’re anticipating the usual bleak brilliance will continue to the very last…



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