Best Games of 2019 For Every Interest 

Resident Evil 2

With the year speeding to a close, it seems only right and proper to look back at the year in gaming – and what a year it’s been! Our new issue of PLAY Magazine – which also features an in-depth interview with Irish gaming superstar Daithi DeNogla – features some of the titles that really set the gold standard in 2019.


You’ll find the whole article right here, as we look at games for the family, for mobile, and more – but we thought we’d whet your appetite with a look at what might just have been the finest effort of 2019, period…




21 years ago, the original was making end-of-year lists – and it’s much the same with this remarkable reboot! Revisiting past glories isn’t always a recipe for success, but this is one example where looking back resulted in an enormous step forward.



In fact, the secret to the triumph had a lot to do with a cracking combination of past and present; taking the best of the horror survival genre and presenting it in stunning modern style. The gameplay excellent, the storytelling superb, and the experience nothing short of immersive, it all came together to create a game to go down in history!


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