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We were promised a spectacle unlike anything previously seen in this country – and Ireland’s Got Talent has certainly delivered! Louis Walsh, Denise van Outen, Michelle Visage and Jason Byrne run the rule over the hopefuls every Saturday on TV3 – and every week, we discuss the moments that had the nation talking!


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Whoops, sorry about that – Jason accidentally stood on our keyboard!

Yes, the major talking point from the fourth instalment of the Saturday evening spectacular was the wandering foot of Mr. Byrne, which inadvertently gave Martin McGuinness a VIP ticket through. The judges were left somewhat bemused by a wax-jacket-to-drag-act switcheroo, and started messing – as you do, we guess! Clambering onto the desk in an effort to block Denise van Outen from jokingly pressing his buzzer, Jason accidently kicked the Golden Buzzer to send the confetti streaming down – and the Donegal farmer into the semi-finals!

And if that was unusual, there was plenty more where that came from! Case in point was Escobar, a performing parrot who we’d been warned about by Louis from the outset. Stage fright took hold of Kevin Lawlor’s feathered friend, who not only failed to sing but flew to the rafters when Denise hit her buzzer!

The parrot wasn’t the only crestfallen creature of the night, as Izzy the Beagle failed to impress on her first time in front of an audience. Thankfully, however, there were plenty of acts – human, as it happens – that won favour and passage to the next stage. Included amongst them were Galway rapper Aaron J, acapella choir The Trinitones, ballroom dance troupe Viva Dance, and the captivating young pair of hotsteppers known as Double Impact. A reminder, of course, that if you missed the action so far you can catch up on 3Player – but if you’re right up to date, then start the countdown for Week Five…


For anyone who doubts it truly is a magic number, Week Three of Ireland’s Got Talent certainly provided plenty of persuasive argument, as another assortment of ace acts took to the stage.


Among the superlative showings were the brilliant Fatima Twirlers, who were determined not to drop the ball... or, er, batons; 71 year old retired roofer Philip Murphy – better known as Reggae Phil – who raised the roof (sorry) with his energetic rendition of ‘Gimme Hope Joanna’; and the Deaf Tones Choir, whose touching version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ left the judges racing to sign their tickets to the next stage!

Once again, the Golden Buzzer saw some action – and once again, it was for an act that truly shone. The members of Xquisite may be aged between 9 and 11, but they showed class and choreography far beyond their years, with Denise van Outen enamoured enough of the Tallaght troupe to hit the big ol’ button to put them semi-finals bound.

By now, Jason is the only judge not to have hit the Golden Buzzer – though Lucy Kennedy has been bestowed with the same powers too! – so we’re eager to see if anyone can convince the funnyman to pull the trigger next time. The rugby boys are back in action earlier in the day, but we've got a feeling they may not be the only Irish heroes we'll be praising come Saturday night!


Week Two of Ireland’s Got Talent picked up from where last week left off – and it’s fair to say that if the first instalment knocked our socks off, then the second left our heads spinning!

The extravagant acrobatics of Donegal’s Lia Della Friel left the judges brains in knots, as did a clutch of outstanding dance groups – Billie Jeans Rhythm Dance Company and the nattily dressed Streets Ahead particularly eye-catching. But, as with last week, it was a Golden Buzzer contestant who stood head and shoulders above the rest.


Louis Walsh warned mum-of-two Linda McGloughlin that performing Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ was “an ambitious choice” – but the Co. Meath woman proved she could give Queen Bey a run for her money! Her soaring rendition left Denise in tears, but it was Louis himself who hit the Golden Buzzer to put the singer semi-finals bound.

Of course, there was plenty more to impress, from the rapid-fire rap of Tamara Operi to the distinctly less verbose mime of Benoit Vibes. Suffice to say we’ve seen just about every type of act we could have imagined – and we’re not even at Week Three yet!


Week One saw the series start with a bang, with the extraordinary hip-hop moves of Zacc Milne kicking things off in some style. Others to wow included dynamic dance troupe Afterlife and the angelic voice of 13-year old Shaniah Llane – but there’s no questions about who really stole the show on the opening night.


When we talked to Louis Walsh in the current issue of Play magazine, he told us about an octogenarian singer who brought the house down with her version of ‘Send In The Clowns’. Well, we didn’t have long to wait before meeting Evelyn Williams – and now we’re counting down until we get to see her again! The Tallaght woman stopped the judges in their tracks with her emotional performance, prompting Michelle Visage to reach for the Golden Buzzer and send the 81-year-old straight through to the semi-finals!


We’re not going to get too far ahead of ourselves – it is just week one, after all! – but something tells us we already have a real contender for the ultimate prize; now we can’t wait to see what next week has in store!


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