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We all have our little secret pleasures, whether it be knitting, or learning keyhole surgery (isn’t the internet great!), or donning a mask and Lycra to fight the tide of crime that floods our streets (go get ’em Spidey!). Then again, maybe it’s watching a garishly decorated house filled with wannabe celebs who lie around doing nothing all day, saying deep, meaningful things like, “I could murder a bag of chips.”

Yes, that anthropological extravaganza known as Big Brother certainly gets people throwing their eyes up to heaven at how silly the whole thing is, but we bet there’s a big chunk of the TV audience who’d binge on BB given half the chance.

And now that Liberties beauty Savannah O’Reilly is in the house, even more people will find it tough to tear their eyes away from the goings on among the housemates.

Luckily, you can download the TV Anywhere app on your mobile and keep tabs on your favourite contestants by watching Big Brother on 3Player whenever and wherever you feel the urge. The possibilities are mind boggling…

Under the table at a wedding reception: Picture the scene – the bridesmaids are tearing lumps out of each other over who wore the dress best; the bride and groom are having their first argument as a married couple, and your fifty-year-old uncle is breakdancing in front of the DJ. Yup, that calls for some quality TV Anywhere time…

In a cement mixer on a building site: Builders are known for their hard graft, but imagine you’re on a site and you want to keep up with what those crazy Big Brother housemates are up to. You have the TV Anywhere app practically burning a hole in your pocket… well what’s a labourer to do? Easy. Find yourself an empty cement mixer, climb inside and turn on BB. You’re cosy, you’re dry(-ish) and you’ll soon forget just how quickly cement can set. Talk about a captive audience…

When your home team is being hammered 4-0: It’s not that you’re a fair-weather fan exactly but come on… there’s still 40 minutes to play! It’s time to take your mind off things with some Big Brother action. Slip on your headphones and crank up that TV Anywhere app (nobody’ll notice) while chanting your team’s anthem with all your might. G’wan ya good thing!

Up a tree with your cat: Casper, your family feline, is stuck up a tree in your garden (no need to tell everyone you smeared cat food on the bark to get it up there). You volunteer to get your kitty down safely. Cue lots of huffing and puffing as you climb up … and settle in for a quick catch-up on BB housemate action with your TV Anywhere app. Crack open another tin of cat food to keep Casper happy, while shouting down every now and again to anxious family members below, telling them that things are trickier than you expected. Genius!


Big Brother, anytime, any place, anywhere…

Download the TV Anywhere app for some quality (and perhaps geographically creative) viewing.


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