Everything You Need To Know About The New Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and wireless Galaxy Buds

After a ton of speculation – and more than a few rumours, too! – Samsung unveiled their newest range of smartphones on Tuesday…and all we can say is ‘wow’. The eleventh iteration of their flagship Galaxy handset is the S20 – and while that’s an almighty number jump from the S10, we reckon the phone itself represents just as massive a leap!


So what’s all the fuss about? Well, we’ve prepared a handy guide to explain just why the new phone – in any of its three iterations! – is one you’ll be dying to have immediately! If you simply can’t wait, you can pre-order on Virgin Mobile right now – and if you want the lowdown on what you can expect, then read on…




The headline news is undoubtedly the camera technology packed into the new phones – the biggest overhaul of Samsung’s photo capabilities in years. Whether the triple camera of the S20, or the quad cam of the S20+ and S20 Ultra, every single lens has been updated and improved – meaning you’ve absolutely no excuse if your ‘Gram isn’t doing numbers! What’s more, 8k video means that these phones are able to record at standards above your average film studio; if next year’s Oscar winners come from a bloke with a phone, don’t be surprised!




When you use you phone for everything from streaming telly to video calling, the screen is the main event – and Samsung have certainly delivered on that front! All three of the S20 devices boast a screen size above 6 inches; 6.2” on the S20, 6.7” on the S20+ and a whopping 6.9” for the S20 Ultra. Short of renting your own mobile cinema, we can’t think of many better ways to guarantee yourself an incredible visual experience – especially considering…




All three models of the S20 contain screens with a 120Hz refresh rate, twice the speed of the average smartphone screen. That means that just about everything from scrolling to gaming will be smoother and superior thanks to interactions that will be faster than anything ever seen before. The touch-sensing is also at a whole new level for phone technology – these are devices that certainly deserve the designation of ‘smart’!




Whether it’s the speedy new chipset, the massive memory and storage, or the baked in 5G capability, these phones aren’t merely the flavour of the month; they’re what many experts are describing as ‘future-proof’. In combination with the groundbreaking camera technology, Samsung have delivered handsets that will do the job for years to come; that’s not something to be sneezed at!




Not content with unveiling a family of phones set to change the game, Tuesday’s event saw even more reveals to make jaws drop. Chief amongst those was the Galaxy Buds+, a significant improvement on what had already been an awesome product. With a huge increase in battery life and drastic developments in sound quality, it’s a whole lot of cheer for your ears with these gadgets!


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