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Formula 1 fans will be all revved up for the action on the 14th July, when local hero Lewis Hamilton will look to close the gap on Sebastian Vettel in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Prime your engine, there are plenty of driving movies you can sink your teeth into in the meantime. Fast & Furious 6, Speed, and Driving Miss Daisy are available to rent On Demand from €1.99. And you can also check out McLaren (to rent from €4.99), Cars 1 and Cars 2 (both to rent from €1.99), and The Driver (Virgin Boxsets) right through your Virgin Box.

But which movie driver are you most like? Take our quiz below to find out – and God speed…

1.       Do you own a copy of The Rules of The Road?

a)      I make my own rules, sucker

b)      Own one? I wrote the book!

c)       I did, but I have to break every one of them to stay alive


2.       What’s your current set of wheels?

a)      Dodge Charger Daytona

b)      Hudson Commodore – it floats like an ocean liner

c)       It’s a people carrier…of sorts


3.       Ever had a speeding ticket?

a)      I wallpaper my house with those things

b)      You’ve got to be kidding!

c)       Umm… well… it’s complicated


4.       Any tips for other drivers?

a)      Don’t even think about racing me!

b)      Slow and steady

c)       Yep – get out of my way!


5.       What’s your favourite song to drive to?

a)      ‘Bat Out of Hell’

b)      None – just the sound of my white rims on tarmac

c)       ‘Help!’


6.       Can you do a three-point turn?

a)      I tend to do mine in sweeping curves

b)      As long I’ve got plenty of room – wouldn’t want a scratch

c)       There’s no turning around with this baby


7.       Would your vehicle pass the NCT?

a)      Yup, but the tyres might need changing

b)      With flying colours

c)       Well, the suspension is a bit shot…and I’ve not tested the brakes in a while!


8.       How are your parking skills?

a)      Fine. I stop when and where I feel like it.

b)      I glide gently into spaces

c)       It’s not really an option


9.       How are you with back-seat drivers?

a)      They wouldn’t dare

b)      It goes with the job…

c)       They’re too scared to say anything


      10. Ever broke a red light?

a)      Hahahahahaha!

b)      That would be undignified

c)       Broke? I smashed them to pieces


(Mostly As) You are Dominic Toretto from The Fast & The Furious. Rules just don’t apply when you’re trying to keep one step ahead of the law – and the odd killer or two. You love cars; whether racing them or crashing them into things…

(Mostly Bs) You are chauffeur Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy. You love your classic cars too much to ever do anything to damage them. Besides, when your eagle-eyed, bossy-boots employer is in the back seat, it’s pretty hard to relax…

(Mostly Cs) You are Annie Porter in Speed. You’re living in the fast lane – but it just might blow up in your face at any minute. It’s pedal to the metal all the way with you (and those hanging on for dear life)!


The Fast and the Curious


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