Why Villains Is Your Next Must-Watch Movie

Villains movies

There’s nothing to light up a dull winter’s evening like a bit of excitement on screen – and Villains might be the perfect fit for this time of year! It’s darkly comic, and white-knuckle thrilling; sounds just right, doesn’t it?!



The home invasion flick is part comedy, part horror, and a whole lot of fun – winning rave reviews across the board. It’s available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99, and deserves to leap to the top of your watchlist immediately. Why? Well, we thought you’d never ask…




Our Skarsgård power rankings are forever changing – how to choose between the Swedish siblings (and dad), we just don’t know – but, from Pennywise to Zeitgeist, we have to admit to being devoted fans of Bill’s roles in recent times. Well, he’s front and centre here too, as an unlikely thief who gets more than he bargained for. Not, mind, that he’s alone in the spotlight…




Whether it’s Maika Monroe as partner-in-crime (literally!) Jules, Blake Baumgartner as a disturbing discovery in the basement, or the scene stealing duo of Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick, yucking up a version of domestic bliss that’s nothing short of unsettling, the cast is nothing short of superb. As the name suggests, you might not root for them – but we guarantee you won’t forget them soon!




While the plot might take some altogether dark turns, the black humour at the heart of the film is often nothing short of laugh-out-loud. The script was whispered about in Tinseltown for years – making a list of the most-liked scripts not yet made in 2016 – so it’s little surprise that it sparkles now that it’s made it to the screen!




Despite all the gags and giggles, it’s not all a barrel of laughs; in fact, there’s enough mind games and mayhem to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Clocking in at less than 90 minutes, there’s no time wasted either – just an efficient, excellent flick that shouldn’t be missed!


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