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Like falling leaves, the new arrivals to Virgin Media’s On Demand service just keep piling up this October! From family favourites that are perfect for mid-term to spine-tingling horrors just in time for Halloween, there’s something for everyone. So check out what’s on the agenda for the coming month below…


(Available to rent On Demand from October 2, from €4.99)

Our fifth adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow sees him landed with a fearsome new foe to deal with. Javier Bardem is a welcome addition to the franchise as the horrifying Captain Armando Salazar, and the classic cocktail of storming CGI, cheeky laughs and swashbuckling action delivers just as it has before.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 2, from €4.99)

Woody Harrelson is fantastic as an aging grump who reunites with his family – he’s got the eyes to play a temperamental curmudgeon, after all! A genuinely funny film which culminates in a sentimental final act, expect to be laughing through tears by the end!



(Available to rent On Demand from October 16, from €4.99)

Anyone of the opinion that Richard Gere’s career is in the midst of an Indian Summer of sorts – and we’re in that camp ourselves – will find plenty of vindication in this quietly powerful performance! He plays a shyster climbing the ladder of the New York business world – but on the back of some dubious connections; an elegant, sophisticated and affecting film all round.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 16, from €4.99)

Roaring back onto our screens, Vin Diesel and co. deliver a reminder that nothing can deliver high-octane action and thrilling blockbuster fun quite like this franchise of muscle, mayhem, and motorcars. The cast share undeniable chemistry, too – with the addition of Oscar winning pair Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren doing no harm on that front!



(Available to rent On Demand from October 23, from €4.99)

The reboot of the historical action franchise is the first instalment of the Dark Universe series; suitably enough, it’s packed with plenty of nervy moments. Taking a brief hiatus from guzzling down every drop the fountain of youth has to offer, Tom Cruise reminds us why he’s the king of the popcorn flick.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 23, from €4.99)

It’s the story of a genius child who becomes the focus of a familial power struggle – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s nothing more than a tearjerker. Nuanced performances and interesting perspectives make for a charming and engaging effort almost as impressive as the miniature mastermind at its core.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 23, from €4.99)

For the fourth chapter of the series, the Heffley’s are hitting the road – though they do look a little different! Don’t dismay, though; while a new cast assume the main roles, the same uproarious fun and juvenile humour are present and correct in a film sure to be a hit with younger viewers.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 27, from €4.99)

A moody melodrama with many of the hallmarks of a classic British period piece, Rachel Weisz in simply mesmerising in the lead role. It’s stylish and romantic, but with a dark undercurrent of mystery mixed in too – whether you’ve read the book or not, this is one you don’t want to miss.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 30, from €4.99)

Director Michael Bay has long been regarded as Hollywood’s action movie king; to say that this might be the most indulgent he’s ever been is saying something. Unlike the Autobots, the series isn’t about to rapidly change anytime soon – so expect exhilarating, electrifying and gloriously OTT fun from first minute to last.



(Available to rent On Demand from October 30, from €4.99)

This spectacularly original horror doesn’t rely on thrills and spills – but there’s as many terrifying chills as you could possibly imagine! Eerie and unnerving, it’s a masterclass in spooky storytelling that has garnered some of the best reviews of the year; Halloween viewing sorted then!


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