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OK, hands up – who can honestly say they’ve never skipped the book and waited for the film? We’ve all been guilty of it from time to time, and we’d even say that it occasionally pays off!


Of course, when it’s really done right then it doesn’t matter whether you’ve read the source material or not – some of the greatest adaptations are masterpieces in their own right – and this month sees two perfect examples, The Glass Castle and The Dark Tower, arrive in cinemas.


And while there’s a good chance that what you’ve been reading on the beach might soon be on the big screen, we’ve already picked out a few of our favourites to have made the leap from page to screen – all of which are available through Virgin Media’s On Demand service!




(Available free on Virgin Movies – just click your On Demand button)


OK, so it’s not how we spell PJs on this side of the Atlantic – but the otherwise faithful adaptation of the outstanding novel from Ireland’s own John Boyne is a stunning tale of friendship, innocence and the horrors of war. The fact that it’s told through the eyes of a child makes it all the more unsettling; rank it alongside the likes of Schindler’s List, The Pianist and 12 Years A Slave in terms of movies that nobody should go without seeing.





(Available to rent On Demand from €1.99)


Enough to make every husband in the world squirm, Gillian Flynn’s creation of the sociopathic Amy Dunne might be one of the most downright frightening characters in years. Brought to life by Rosamund Pike, who earned a truckload of award nominations for her work, the scorned wife might be even better (or worse) on screen! Poor Ben Affleck; he just didn’t see it coming…






(Available to rent On Demand from €1.99)


With humour and heart, the racial tensions of 1960s Mississippi are tackled in a wonderfully sophisticated drama, adapted from the novel by Kathryn Stockett. The ensemble cast is truly outstanding in their portrayal of a legion of likeable and authentic women – both Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain produce performances good enough to carry the film alone! – and the story is one that will entertain and open eyes in equal measure.





(Available to rent On Demand from €1.99)


In the capable hands of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola, the classic vampire story is given a truly epic revamp. Motivated by love rather than bloodlust, the iconic character is given brand new depth, and the details that flesh out the story are a wonderful touch. Winner of three Oscars, the film boasts an extraordinary cast, stunning visuals and an energy that is simply palpable – in a word, it’s fang-tastic!



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