Seven Pacey Characters Who Understand The Need For Speed



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We like to think we know a little bit about speed at Virgin Media – indeed, with Ireland’s fastest broadband, we think we have proof! You can find out more about bagging super-powered internet right here, but if you need more encouragement, we’ve assembled a bunch of swift shifters who offer a convincing argument that speed is a must!




Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., seasons 1-4 available now on Virgin Box Sets


There’s a reason this woman is also known as Slingshot. The crime-fighting crew in this sensational series definitely appreciate the pace, too; her speed might only last for a heartbeat, but when you’re a super-powered being that’s all you need!






Fast & Furious (2009), available to rent now on Virgin Movies, from €2.99


As the main man of the lead-footed lot, our Dom likes to lead from the front – especially in a drag race! As a skilled mechanic – and, for what it’s worth, a pretty nifty carjacker! – he’s a wheely useful dude to have when matters turn to motors!








A Million Ways To Die In The West, available to rent now on Virgin Movies, from €2.99


While the Wild West was a little bit early for combustion engines and car racing, it turns out being quick on the draw was the difference between life and death – and in this hilarious comedy, it turns out Big Al has to learn that lesson pretty sharpish!






Cool Runnings, available to rent now on Virgin Movies, from €2.99


Whether on the track or at the front of the bobsled, this is a bloke who seems intent on moving at a clip! The lovable story of Jamaica’s unlikely Winter Olympics heroes remains one of the all-time feelgood films – and we’re happy to slow down to take time to enjoy it again!







Cars, available to rent now on Virgin Movies, from €2.99


The man – or, er, car! – who put Radiator Springs on the map, No. 95 loves little more than burning some rubber. The charming Pixar series brought racing to a whole new (and far younger) audience – it’s never too early to preach the importance of a bit of zip, after all!







Whiplash, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Sure, it starts calmly enough – but once you pass the paradiddles it turns out jazz drumming gets a little more break-neck! In one of the better music films ever made, the tutelage of the terrifying JK Simmons turns this lad into a titan of tempo…though it’s a pretty rough journey!







Talladega Nights, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Proof that nothing puts the pedal to the metal like the threat of a wild cat, this maverick motor racer is another of Will Ferrell’s finest creations. The freewheeling hilarity of the NASCAR driver’s riches-to-rags (and back to riches) story is one we could watch again and again…and we have!




Good things come in threes!

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