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We all know mum’s the word, but dear old dad could use some love too. With Father’s Day almost upon us, we thought it a good idea to salute some of our favourite motion picture patriarchs. 

Movies for Fathers Day - Virgin Media Ireland

Father of the Bride (On Demand)
Steve Martin nailed it when he took the role of George Banks, a man who’d rather pluck out his own eyes than see his daughter walk down the aisle. His prospective son-in-law might have ‘catch of the day’ stamped on his head, but it’s not until after a series of catastrophic clashes that this protective parent is finally won over. With comedy and sentimentality in equal measure, it’s the definition of a feel-good family flick.

To Kill A Mockingbird (Netflix)
Gregory Peck may embody the principled, protective father in Atticus Finch, but even he can’t protect his daughter from the harsh realities of racism in 60s USA. The adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel is certainly an emotional one, and the deep feeling continued off the screen. During the shoot, Peck formed a strong bond with Lee’s own dad, and even wore the man’s watch to that year’s Oscars that year, where he collected the best actor gong.

Taken (On Demand)
This is one doting dad you don’t want to mess with. Liam Neeson plays former CIA agent Bryan Mills, a man with ‘special skills’… and he’s not talking about taxidermy. When his daughter goes missing in Paris, he sets about laying waste to France’s criminal underworld – and demonstrating the finest phone manner captured on screen.

Gran Torino (Sky Cinema)
Walt Kowalski doesn’t actually like his family – but then, he doesn’t like anyone. In fact, Clint Eastwood’s character is simply an aging Dirty Harry, except armed with an M1 rifle instead of a .44 Magnum. When a young neighbour steals his titular motor he develops an unlikely bond with the thief, and goes to extraordinary lengths to keep the teen on the straight and narrow. Go ahead; make your (Father’s) Day…

The Last Temptation of Christ (Virgin movies)
Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Let’s face it though, when it comes to father/son relationships, this one’s got to be the daddy of them all. Martin Scorsese’s flick sparked all manner of tut-tutting when released in 1988, depicting as it does the imagined struggles Jesus had with fear, doubt and lust – it’s not exactly based on the Gospel, is what we’re saying.


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