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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably watched tough guys on the big screen and – in a moment of fleeting optimism – thought, “Yeah, I could take him…probably!

But just how hardened are the macho men from our favourite action flicks? With a host of thrilling movies on offer On Demand for just €1 during the month of July, it seemed the perfect time to fire up our patented Tough-O-Meter and come to a scientific conclusion on our hard-hitting heroes…

Zorringer – Blunt Force Trauma

A journey into the murky (and, thankfully, fictional!) world of modern-day dueling, the film’s star turn is provided by Mickey Rourke playing reigning champion Zorringer; a spine-tingling presence if ever there was one…


A menacing demeanor and speed on the draw – this isn’t a man to mess with. Rourke is scary at the best of times – he was a fine boxer in his day – so add a gun and he’s positively terrifying.

Sade – Standoff

In terms of magnetism, Laurence Fishburne would give a fridge door a run for its money. Playing hitman Sade in this action-packed thriller, he rarely leaves a scene unstolen – or a hair unraised!


While he might be devastating with his finger on the trigger, Sade’s a little less than efficient; actions speak louder than words, and this guy’s a little too chatty to make the top of our list.

Stanley Hill – I Am Wrath

When his wife asks a few too many posing questions about a proposed pipeline – and finds herself offed as a result – John Travolta’s character sets about making her killers’ lives hell.


His penchant for methodical murder is one thing; his ability to escape just about any peril is quite another. Knives, bullets, bring the lot – nothing can make this guy flinch.

John Dromoor – Vengeance (A Love Story)

When a gang brutally attacks a single mother, the justice system fails – at which point a former cop, played by Nicolas Cage, takes things into his own hands.


It’s all about determination, and the fuel for Dromoor’s anger makes him a formidable proposition. Also – and we doubt this is just us – any character Cage plays will have a little bit of the wildcard about them…

Paul Ross – Hijacked

A federal agent, played by Randy Couture, is hot on the heels of terrorist group The Tribe – and when they hijack a plane on which his ex-fiancée is travelling, it gets altogether personal…


If you’re looking for trouble, then a character played by a real-life UFC Hall-of-Famer is a pretty good bet! Throw personal motivation and an enviable array of skills on top of his fearsome physique and 100-yard death stare, and you’ve got the toughest dude around.


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