Last Chance Saloon: The Films You Need To Watch Before They Leave Virgin Movies



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Nothing lasts forever – that’s what they always say, at least. And while there’ll always be tons of fabulous films available to rent on Virgin Movies, some real gems will be leaving the platform in the coming weeks. You’ve still got an opportunity to catch them, though – so we’ve compiled a checklist for you to work through before the chance is gone!




Available to rent on Virgin Movies until July 11th, from €4.99


It’s a smart romantic comedy boasting a blue-chip cast, with Holly Hunter leading the way. The story of the Wellers, a family seemingly incapable of avoiding drama, strikes the perfect balance between farce and reality; fire this one up on date night, and you’ll be in for a treat!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until July 18th, from €4.99


While the titular toy still has a part to play, the latest instalment in the series is a little different – and all the better for it! A taut thriller, the toymaker finds himself in Nazi Germany with a mission to escape…and with an unlikely secret weapon!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until July 18th, from €4.99


The true story of a mega-rich art dealer who befriends a homeless man, this uplifting drama is one to give you all the feels. It’s charming and emotional, while the collection of talent that brings it to life – Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight and Renée Zellweger included – is as impressive as they come.






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until July 18th, from €4.99


An atmospheric mystery movie, the smart and inventive story and outstanding acting performances make for an engrossing experience. If you’re looking for bombs and bombast, that’s not the type of excitement this one serves up, but for well-paced psychological thrills, it has you well covered!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until July 23rd, from €4.99


Bitingly funny and wickedly satirical, this take on social media culture will have you laughing and cringing in equal measure! Aubrey Plaza is excellent at the titular traveller, and the tack-sharp script is relentless in its skewering of our modern foibles – we’d tell you to put the phone away to watch this one, but we reckon the film says it better than we ever could!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until August 1st, from €4.99


This brilliantly irreverent comedy – with a heart of gold, too – is as original as it gets. A young man’s obsession with a kid’s TV show takes over his life…and it only gets stranger from there! Unexpectedly touching and very funny, it’s one of the sleeper hits of the year.






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until August 13th, from €4.99


It might be set at Christmas, but a festive family favourite this ain’t! Instead, it’s a scintillatingly sinister horror movie which pulls no punches. The young cast does the script proud, and the gory frights are delivered with impeccable style.






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until August 13th, from €4.99


A joyous reboot of the Robin Williams classic, this movie is the very definition of summer fun. A clever twist keeps things fresh, the wisecracking dialogue is laugh-a-minute, and the charismatic cast are so effortlessly entertaining that you’ll wish you were there with them…or maybe not quite!






Available to rent on Virgin Movies until August 20th, from €4.99


One more time, and with a whole lot of feeling, the Bellas reunite for a final go-round. The features we’ve come to know and love – catchy tunes, snappy banter and a generous sprinkling of sisterly love – are all present and correct, in a swansong that definitely finishes the franchise on a high note!




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