Best gym music

Magic Mike

If 2020 is the year that you’re going to chase fitness goals, then you’re going to need motivation – starting with your tunes. No more formless playlists and “whatever’s on the radio” for you; no, once you pop your headphones on, it’s business time!


Our recent issue of PLAY Magazine saw us turning to the screen for inspiration, and singling out a series of awesome soundtracks to get any gym-goer jumping! Grab your phone and stream these superstars when you’re getting a sweat on – or, if it’s a rest day, watch the films on Virgin Movies right now!


Magic Mike


The soundtrack may be another part of the movie that’s gone largely unnoticed (we wonder why!) – but it’s jam-packed with some bangin’ old-school RnB. Mightn’t be quite the same without the eye candy but it’s ideal motivation, right?





With Latin and jazz flavour in plentiful supply, these tunes will get more than your hips moving. It’s also a film that will help you plan your scrumptious cheat meals for after the hard work is done – what more could you ask for?!


Captain America: Civil War


If epic music is more your motivational scene, this offering is the one for you. Headphones in, world out, legendary motivation through the roof!



The Full Monty


Lookin’ for some hot stuff?! This 1997 classic British comedy drama is PACKED with some absolute belters! If this doesn’t get you shuffling out the door to that dance class, we’re not really sure what will… 22 Jump Street You won’t be surprised to learn that the brilliant, laugh-a-minute cop comedy featuring one of our favourite movie double-ups ever(!) also has a bopping soundtrack. It’ll 100% make you want to find yourself a gym buddy too!



Guardians of the Galaxy


There’s nothing like an awesome mix of 80s greats to get you pumped to take on anything the new year throws your way! Stick this on and we guarantee you won’t want your evening power-walk to end!


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