Apps To Keep Help Eco Friendly

Eco Apps

There is, as the old phrase goes, an app for everything – including helping you get your environmental creds on point. In fact, our recent issue of PLAY Magazine included a look at a few of the best downloads around if you fancy becoming a little more eco-friendly for 2020.


So if you fancy finding come easy ways to do your bit in the fight against climate change, well, look no further; grab your mobile and get yourself these awesome apps to help guide you on the green way…



Available for Android and iOS


This nifty Irish app makes avoiding single-use plastic bottles easy! It uses GPS to show you where you can get free water refills around the country. With 850+ stations, you’ll help our environment, your health and your pocket!



Available for Android and iOS


This search engine uses the profit generated by ads to plant trees where they’re needed most. Download the app and set it as your default web browser. By simply surfing the web, you’ll help restore forests and rebuild habitats around the world. Nice!


Good On You

Available for Android and iOS


This fashionable app allows you to discover ethical clothing brands and see how your high-street faves measure up. It’s also packed with heaps of useful articles including how-tos for upcycling clothes, sustainable fashion tips, lists and budget-friendly fashion guides.


If fantastic phone tips and more awesome app recommendations sound like your thing, then dive into PLAY Magazine; you’ll find it right here