Introducing Smart WiFi. It takes care of itself so you don’t have to.

Smart WiFi improves your experience across every device in your home, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

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How does it work?

Smart WiFi truly is pretty smart. It works its genius magic with these two key features:


1: Channel optimisation

It prevents WiFi congestion by automatically switching the signal to a less congested channel.


Sometimes, unknown to customers, their WiFi modem can remain static on a single channel which can become congested with other gadgets and devices, and that can mean slower speeds. Not anymore. Smart WiFi sorts it by detecting how congested the channel is, and automatically switching to a freer one.

Our customers will never know what is going on in the background, they just experience non-stop, no-interruption entertainment. Just the way we like it!

The techie stuff

The Problem

WiFi travels on shared channels, which can get crowded causing congestion and poor performing WiFi. Channels are set at the hub boot-up and are only reselected on a reboot. Also neighbouring devices can all be set to the same channels.


This all means reduced speeds and connection quality, impacting sensitive applications such as video, voice calls and gaming.

The Solution

Channel Optimisation ensures that WiFi signals are automatically set to channels with the least amount of interference, allowing for the greatest maximum throughput. It monitors channel congestion, automatically setting the Hub to the optimum channels:

  • WiFi capacity is maximized for each customer.
  • Customers enjoy the best possible WiFi experience.
  • Proactively prevents WiFi congestion issues.


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2: Airtime Fairness

It makes sure some devices aren’t sucking all the signal away from others.


Smart WiFi spots when certain devices – usually older ones – are using a greater share of the signal, leading to a slower experience for other people in the house. Frustrating! So Smart WiFi sorts it, by splitting the bandwidth between all the devices. This means everyone gets to enjoy the connected experience they deserve, at all times.

The techie stuff

The Problem

Older generation devices use a disproportionate share of airtime for slower data rates. They actually use excessive airtime for low speeds and slow down other devices.

The Solution

Airtime Fairness ensures a fair allocation of airtime to connected devices ensuring newer
and faster devices can achieve their capable WiFi speeds.

  • Overall WiFi speed increases.
  • Gives a fair amounts of airtime to each device regardless of its theoretical data rate (reallocating from slow to fast devices).
  • A relatively small reduction in throughput for slow devices results in a large increase in throughput for fast devices.


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