Changes to your Sky Premium Channel Service

We’ve been in touch to let you know that Sky Premium channels such as 'Sky Sports & Sky Cinema' will be switched off on your TV box from June 30th.This is happening because they are older boxes and it will no longer be possible to support Sky Premiums. But don’t worry, your other Virgin Media services won’t be affected. Please find some handy answers below which may help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are affected?

Sky Premium channels – Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Sports & Sky Cinema including on demand and recordings will not be available after June 30th.


Your other TV services are not impacted.

How do I know if my TV service is impacted?

All Virgin Media set top boxes with the exception of Horizon and TV 360 are impacted.

How do I know which boxes are my multi-room boxes?

If you have Horizon as your TV set top box, this is your main box. All others are your multi-room boxes.

Why is this happening?

This is happening because it’s an older box and it will no longer be possible to support Sky Premiums.


But don’t worry, your other Virgin Media services won’t be affected.

What is happening on the 30th of June?

For customers with Sky Premium channels on our older set top boxes, it will no longer be possible to receive our Sky Premium service. If the box is not Horizon or Virgin TV 360, it is one of our older boxes and is impacted by this change.

How do I know if I have these channels?

If you have Sky Sports in HD, go to channel 431 Sky Sports Main Event HD, or 401 for non-HD.

If you have Sky Cinema in HD, go to channel 331 Sky Cinema Comedy HD or 301 for Sky Cinema Comedy non-HD.

How do I switch to TV 360?

You can easily upgrade online using our Upgrade Hub


Or you can contact us on 1908

Do I have to move to TV 360?

If you wish to continue watching Sky Premium services on all your set top boxes including pay per view events, you can upgrade to one of our Virgin TV 360 bundles available here.If you are happy to continue with your current service and remove your Sky premium service, no action is required. Your existing/other Virgin Media services are not affected by this change.

Is my contract affected?

Adding or removing Sky Premiums does not impact your contract. 

Will I be charged for Sky Premiums?

You will be charged up to and including end of day on the 30th June, based on your bill date. Any credits due will be applied to your next bill.

Will my bill be affected if I upgrade?

If you decide to upgrade when you receive your next bill, your total due may be a little higher than usual. This is because you’ll have charges for your current services up until the install date of your new services, and then from that date you will see the monthly charges in advance for your new services (along with any Premiums and multi-room boxes if you have them).


Your bill issue dates and payment dates will remain as before.


For more information about Virgin TV360 visit our Upgrade Hub.