The Red House Ninjas:
Masters in the art of installation


Our Red House Ninjas will make your home a WiFi temple.

Let our Red House Ninjas visit your home, and get the best WiFi and entertainment setup possible.

Schedule a visit, and maximise your Virgin Media capabilities.


What happens in a Red House visit?


Cable and Tech check

First, our masters inspect the hardware you’re using: cables, boxes, hubs, remotes – They’ll see if everything’s battle ready. If not, don’t worry, they’ll sort it out.


WiFi survey and Hub feng shui

Next is the WiFi check. They’ll survey the whole house for WiFi signal traps, and advise you on where you should put your Hub for optimum WiFi reach and strength.


Device and internet connection

The excitement begins. Computers, phones, smart TVs, and more – the ninjas won’t rest until it’s all connected and working seamlessly.


Virgin TV setup and tour

For the grand finale, your ninja will set up your Virgin TV and walk you through everything they did. When it’s all over – you’ll have your own red belt.

Job done.

How to get your hassle-free Red House Ninja visit

1. Choose your favourite broadband package

We’re the fastest installers in the game, plus we have the fastest broadband network in Ireland.


2. Book your ninja before you hit the checkout

Once you choose your broadband, we’ll get your ninja visit scheduled just before you hit ‘buy’.

Only €50 one-off payment


Get the most out of your WiFi

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