The game-changing experiment where you can find your play.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the Virgin Media Playhouse in the Science Gallery, Dublin. Part playground, part science experiment, it’s custom-built to help you understand the state of mind that is “play”.  

Play is more than just fun and different personality types experience play in a range of different ways. Our connected playhouse powered by Virgin Media broadband will help you reveal what play personality you are so that you can bring more play into your everyday. 

Join us at the Playhouse where you can explore your play style with a variety of games!

Highlights include:

Retro Arcade: Step into the world of classic retro arcade games like Pac-Man and Mario, where nostalgia meets timeless fun. As competitors, you'll strategize, outmanoeuvre, and claim victory in every game. But beyond competition lies exploration, as each game offers new depths to uncover, and new strategies to master.

Trip of a Lifetime: Step into a world of 360-degree adventures where your journey is only limited by your imagination. As an explorer, you'll navigate through stunning natural wonders in fully immersive 3D, choosing your own path at every turn. Embark on this virtual voyage today and discover some of the Earth's most breath-taking places like never before.

Dance Off: The Retro Arcade Dance Machine merges kinaesthetic immersion with fierce competition.  Players sync movement to the rhythm, engaging their physical senses to master challenges. In head-to-head battles, agility and precision are key as competitors vie for victory.  It's a dynamic fusion of physicality and rivalry, making every session an electrifying dance-off.

Football Challenge: Experience the Football Simulator; a thrilling amalgamation of competition and physical immersion. Test out your football skills with the game's points challenge. Scores will be tracked on the live-in-game leaderboard where our biggest competitors are sure to keep coming back to secure their spot.

So not only will you leave in a better mood, but also with a better understanding of the play that best suits you.

Sound good? Well then, let the play begin…. 

Don't Miss Out! Limited Tickets Available – Grab Yours Now! Walk-ins Welcome on the Day.


Frequently asked questions

Where will Virgin Media Playhouse take place?

The Virgin Media Playhouse will be held at the Science Gallery Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Naughton Institute, The, Pearse St, Dublin 2.


When is the event open and what are the opening hours? 

The event is open from the 5th to 6th of July from 12PM to 7PM.


What is the maximum number of tickets that an individual can book?

You can secure a maximum of 6 tickets per booking.


Is there an age limit for the event?

This event is for ages 18+ and up.


How much does my ticket cost?

Tickets for this event are free of charge.


How will I receive my ticket?

You will receive your ticket via email or through the eventbrite app.


Is there parking available at the event venue?

Unfortunately, parking is not available at the Science Gallery.


Is the venue accessible by public transportation?

Yes, the area is served by many bus routes. It is a short walk from the Trinity Luas stop, and just around the corner from the Pearse St Train station.


Is there wheelchair access?

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible. However, some activities within the experience may not be suitable for wheelchair users.


Are service animals allowed?

Yes, service animals are permitted into the venue.


Do I need to wear comfortable clothing/footwear?

Comfortable clothing and footwear is advised, as some activities do require a bit of physical activity.


Is food and drink available at the event?

No, food and drinks are not served at the event.


Is food and drink allowed in the event venue?

No, food and drinks are not permitted.


Will there be photography or filming in progress at the event?

Yes, there will be photography and filming present during the event.


How long will it take to get through the Virgin Media Playhouse from start to finish?

The entire course of the Virgin Media Playhouse walkthrough would take about 60 mins to complete.