Top Gaming events of 2024

You know how gaming has exploded into this massive phenomenon that's taking over the world? Well, these events are hubs of all that awesomeness. Thousands of gamers from all walks of life, come together to celebrate the games we love, meet our favourite creators, and just geek out over everything gaming-related.

See, gaming isn't just about playing games anymore. It's a whole culture – and these events celebrate that! In a world where most of our interactions happen online, these events are a chance to connect with people face-to-face, swap gaming stories, and maybe even make some lifelong friends. Whether you're into indie games, esports, or just hanging out with fellow gamers, there's something for everyone at these shindigs.

Get ready to fill up your calendar because 2024 is packed with epic gaming events around the globe! From Rotterdam to Cologne, and Kyoto to Seattle, the gaming community is gearing up for an unforgettable year. Here's your inside look at the must-attend gaming events for the remainder of 2024…



Gamerfest Ireland

May 25th-May 26th, 2024

The RDS, Dublin, Ireland

Get ready for an epic weekend of gaming at Gamerfest Ireland! As Ireland's biggest gaming and esports festival, Gamerfest is the place to be for gamers of all ages. Explore the latest games and tech, meet your favourite content creators, and dive into cosplay competitions that bring your gaming fantasies to life. Plus, don't miss out on the action-packed Mooju Live Stage and Retro Zone!

TwitchCon Europe

June 29th-June 30th, 2024

Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of TwitchCon Europe! This ultimate gathering of streamers, fans, and industry insiders offers a weekend jam-packed with gaming, meet-&-greets, esports showdowns, and more. From the Glitch Theatre stage to the legendary Kappa Cabana, TwitchCon Europe promises unforgettable moments and endless fun for all!


BitSummit 2024

July 19th-July 21st, 2024

Kyoto, Japan

Discover the cutting-edge of indie gaming at BitSummit 2024! Set against the backdrop of the historic city of Kyoto, this festival celebrates the creativity and innovation of independent game developers from around the globe. Supported by industry giants like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, BitSummit is a showcase of groundbreaking titles, thought-provoking discussions, and the vibrant spirit of the indie gaming community.

Gamescom 2024

August 21st-August 25th, 2024

Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany

As Europe's largest gaming event, Gamescom offers a thrilling showcase of the latest releases, cutting-edge technology, and industry innovations. From the buzz of the expo floor to the excitement of live esports competitions and exclusive developer interviews, Gamescom is the ultimate destination for gamers, developers, and industry professionals alike.

PAX West 2024

August 30th-September 2nd, 2024

Seattle Convention Center, Washington, United States

Join the gaming community for a celebration like no other at PAX West 2024! From exclusive panels to hands-on demos and epic tournaments, PAX West offers an immersive experience for gamers of every stripe. Don't miss the legendary Omegathon and the chance to explore the Expo Hall filled with the latest games and tech.

With these incredible gaming events on the horizon, 2024 is shaping up to be a year to remember for gamers worldwide. Get your calendars ready and get some practice in by logging onto your favourite online games with Virgin Broadband’s lightning-fast speeds and unbeatable reliability – making it possibly the best Broadband for gaming. Your competitors won’t know what hit ‘em!