How Broadband is Maximising the TV Experience

From TikTok trends to viral videos, the entertainment scene has been racing forward these past few years. Yet, one thing remains constant: our insatiable appetite for great telly!

Gone are the days of waiting for The Simpsons to air at 6pm or having to endure an entire week to find out what happened after Ross said Rachel instead of Emily. Thanks to the power of the internet and lightning-fast broadband, we now have the world of streaming at our fingertips.

Let's break it down and uncover this relentless revolution!

Streaming Platforms: The New Trendsetters

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Paramount + and Apple TV+ – available to all Virgin TV customers – are far more than simple content providers. From perfectly curated personalised recommendations to picking those hidden gems and introducing us to new genres, they’ve become all too familiar with our viewing habits, and have even shaped our wondrous watchlists. This tailored approach has been a serious game-changer when it comes to how we discover and engage with entertainment.

On-Demand Dominance: Your Schedule, Your Shows

On-demand streaming puts you in the driver's seat. No more waiting for fixed broadcast times – you decide what, when, and where you watch. Whether it's catching up on missed episodes or binge-watching entire seasons, streaming services offer unmatched convenience, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Streaming Creators: Redefining Entertainment

As well as providing us with our favourite network shows and blockbuster movies, these streaming platforms are also dishing up some pretty phenomenal original titles of their own! With big budgets and creative freedom, platforms like Netflix and Prime Video produce original series and films that rival Hollywood. While this shift might challenge traditional studios, it also expands storytelling boundaries, shaping the future of entertainment.

Making sure your broadband is up for the task:

Of course, good broadband means more than just speed – it means accessibility. With Virgin Broadband’s steadfast reliability and unbeatable speeds, you have a world of content ready to rock with just a touch of a button – from binge-able series to indie films and so much more! No matter what you’re in the mood for, as long as your broadband is up for the task, there’s always something to watch.

Looking to maximise your streaming experience? Here’s your quick-fire guide:

  1. Speed Matters

Your streaming quality depends on one thing: broadband speed. Faster speeds mean smoother streaming, higher resolution, and fewer interruptions. Whether you're watching in SD, HD, or UHD, a reliable connection is key for optimal viewing pleasure.

  1. SD vs HD vs UHD Streaming

As it turns out, not all streaming is created equal. SD (standard definition) needs lower broadband speeds, around 3-4 Mbps, while HD (high definition) demands more along the lines of 5-25 Mbps. For UHD (ultra-high definition), aim higher – 25 Mbps and up.

  1. Upgrade and Optimise

Unless you don’t mind a slightly grainier picture or a bit of buffering from time to time, aim for a speedier connection that’s up for the challenge. Or, upgrade to a faster broadband plan for smoother playback and seamless load times. To optimise your Wi-Fi network position your router centrally and get rid of any interferences.


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