6 Ways to Get Creative with AI

Six ways to get creative with AI

How to get started with creative AI


Ever thought machines could have a creative streak? AI isn't just about crunching numbers; it's making waves in the arts too! From generating catchy tunes to crafting bespoke logos, AI showcases an impressive flair for creativity. It's like having a digital Picasso or Mozart in your pocket.


Can AI be creative?

Artificial Intelligence is a machine’s ability to perform cognitive functions usually associated with human minds. At its core, AI's "creativity" stems from advanced algorithms, data analysis, and pattern recognition.



While it mimics human-like creativity, it often offers surprising results, pushing boundaries in art, music, and design. If you haven’t already dipped your toe into the world of AI, it’s time to jump in!



Can AI work without the internet?

AI doesn't always need the internet to work its magic, but to maximise its capabilities, you might want to stay connected. Think about your smartphone's voice buddy or those nifty cameras that spot faces. They've got AI running right under the hood, no Wi-Fi needed. But, if they need the latest scoop or some cloud power, then you’ll need to hop online. Cool, right?

Check out these creative and quirky platforms and with Virgin’s super-speedy and reliable broadband, you’ll be an AI whizz in no time!


Generate some cool tunes and customise your beats with this new music-making AI software! With Soundraw, you can create a custom soundtrack with varying tempos, genres, moods and instruments, and the production process is practically instantaneous. Afterwards, you can become an honorary music maestro and fine-tune these songs even further. You can also download your tracks and let them shine on social media!

Deep Nostalgia

Looking at old photographs will never be the same thanks to this trendy AI service! Deep Nostalgia examines photographs and animates them, adding even more life to still images; whether it be a tilt of the head, a slow, soft smile, or eerily realistic blinks. It can be particularly fun to use this software on photographs of older relatives, bringing some action to static shots!


This AI engine does the hard work for you, making logo creation an absolute breeze! It has an incredibly easy-to-use workflow, endless customisation options and stunning logo designs. After just two or three minutes of answering questions and inputting their information, users are given an array of logo options to choose from. Perfect if you’re starting your own side hustle, looking to rebrand your social media page or simply looking for more ways to experiment with AI’s creative capabilities.


Fancy trying your hand at producing your own personal podcast? No problem — especially if you’re using Podcastle to edit your monologues! Incredibly user-friendly, this AI platform allows you to record and edit audio, while effortlessly smoothing out the edges and clearing up those hiccups, converting text to speech and providing transcripts. This service isn’t just for podcasters though; it can also be used to finesse audiobooks, create educational lectures or presentations and so much more! Who knows, you might be topping the charts soon!


Think of this popular AI software as your personal digital doodle buddy, turning your words into wicked visuals. Just toss in your wildest ideas, and watch as it whips up incredible images on the spot. Whether you're dreaming of space giraffes or rainbow sandwiches, DALL-E2's got your back. This artificial genius is particularly handy when it comes to visualising fictional characters, creating illustrations for blog articles or developing concept art for design projects. All that’s left to do is dive in, and let the creative juices flow!

The world of AI offers an inspiring palette of opportunities for those with a visionary flair, and the possibilities are virtually boundless! Whether you're setting out to brand your latest venture or conjuring up fresh beats, Virgin fast broadband ensures you're seamlessly connected to these creative AI tools.


So, if you've not yet taken the leap into this futuristic playground, now's the time. Log on with our fast broadband and let your imagination run wild with the wonders of AI!