Comparing Broadband? Here’s what you should know first.

Comparing Broadband Packages – Your Guide On What To Know

In the digital age comparing broadband services isn’t just savvy – it’s essential. But what are some of the most important things to look out for when choosing one? When comparing services most can tell you that speed is king and connectivity is currency, but what else should factor into your decision? To help you make the best choice possible, we’ve created a guide about what you should consider when comparing broadband packages so you can find the one for you.

What are the most important factors to consider when comparing broadband packages?

When comparing broadband packages, consider your specific needs, including speed, reliability, data allowances, customer support, and any additional services like TV bundles. Speed is critical for activities like streaming and gaming, while reliability ensures a stable connection. Unlimited data plans prevent unexpected charges, and good customer support is essential for resolving issues quickly.

Determine Your Broadband Requirements

First, it’s a great idea to make a checklist of everything you need in a broadband package. Ask yourself what your primary requirements are. Do you need a package for a busy household that allows family members to be constantly online at the same time? Is remote working your priority or are you looking to power your gaming with ultra-fast broadband speeds? Knowing your specific needs makes it easier to compare packages and weigh up your options.

Research Broadband Speeds

How do I determine the right internet speed for my needs?

Speed determines how fast you can stream the latest blockbusters, keep up with demanding conference calls, and ensure you can game effortlessly. Make sure your package has the speed you need to keep up with day-to-day tasks, whether it’s 500mb or 1gb. With Virgin Media you can be sure of rapid speeds, which has been verified as the fastest speeds in Ireland for Netflix streaming.

Look for Reliability in a Broadband Provider

Think of broadband like a good partner, reliability and consistency are key. No-one wants to be let down mid-call by an interrupted connection. Virgin Media combines speed with reliability offering 99.9% network reliability. That means you can rest assured that you can stream, call, game with confidence in your network provider.

Consider Data Allowances

Looking at data usage is essential if you’re considering a provider with usage caps. You’d be surprised at how quickly data can be used up. Streaming a high-definition movie, for example, could take up to 3GB of data. Virgin Media broadband plans come with unlimited data, so there’s no need to worry about data caps or extra charges for heavier usage.

Check Customer Support Availability

You want a broadband provider that’s going to be available to answer questions or concerns, whether it’s about getting set up, upgrading or anything in between. You should look for a provider that’s easy and convenient to get in touch with. At Virgin Media, we’ve got dedicated helplines for existing customers, new customers and callers from abroad meaning you can get in touch with an agent quickly and effectively. What’s more, we’ve got an online chat function where you can chat live with an agent. You can also write to us!

Are there any hidden costs or fees associated with broadband packages?

Hidden costs in broadband packages can include installation fees, equipment rental charges, and price hikes after promotional periods.  The best way to not get caught unexpectantly with these charges it simple, ask for a breakdown from each provider. New customers will typically get some of these charges waived as part of the introductory offer.

Save with Broadband Bundles

What are the benefits of bundling internet with TV services?

This is one of the best ways to save on the cost of broadband if you’re also looking for a TV package. Virgin Media’s Loaded TV and broadband packages offer a premium TV service with 100 channels. All of our TV and broadband packages offer support for 50+ devices, next day delivery, smart remote with voice control function, all your favourite TV apps in one place, personalised Profiles for everyone, and more!

What’s Included as Standard?

Finally, a good measure of a broadband provider is looking at what comes as standard with all of their broadband packages. With Virgin Media for instance, all our packages offer parental controls to keep your family safe, unlimited usage so you can stream as much as you want, and support for over 50 devices.

So, while price is often the driver behind the decision of which broadband provider to go with, you might be comprising in other areas. Paying a little extra each month for the best speed, the best reliability, and the best customer support can be worth it.