Whether you’re commuting to work or setting off on a staycation, every journey is made that much better with some awesome audio to keep you company – which makes it altogether handy that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the best podcasts to listen to in the car!


There’s literally millions of options to download or stream right at your fingertips – and no matter what your interests, your mood, or your driving destination, there’s sure to be something to tickle your fancy!


So whether it’s the best podcasts for commuting, the most engaging episodes for roadtrips, or the must-listen shows for long drives, grab your mobile and download the podcasts to provide the perfect accompaniment to your adventures.


With such an array of options out there, finding the perfect podcast for your car journey might take some thinking! You’ll have to consider how long your trip is, whether you’re motoring alone or with company, and – or course – what sort of show you fancy listening to.


But if scrolling through Spotify or Apple Podcasts in the search for your ideal choice sounds like a challenge, we’ve made things a little easier – by singling out seven top podcasts that’ll make your drive a delight…


The dynamic duo of Neil Delamere and Dave Moore are the men behind the mics in this joyously varied journey, which sees each episode throw something you probably didn’t know under the microscope. From science and nature to little-known tales of pop culture, they’re joined by experts who shed light on nuggets of knowledge you never knew you were missing – and, as you’d expect with these two involved, they have mighty craic while they’re at it!


Serial played no small part in making the true crime genre the behemoth of podcasting that it is today – so a new venture under their umbrella is well worth paying attention to! It focuses on a cold case in Wyoming, which saw a young woman murdered and her apartment set on fire. The twist is that everyone knows who did it – so why weren’t they punished?! Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out!


A little like Song Exploder for the silver screen, this beautifully simple concept invites scriptwriters to share the first draft of a film to provide a window into the creative process – and the chance to marvel at what changed along the way! From classics like Groundhog Day and Donnie Darko to recent masterpieces including Tár and The Whale, the list is as impressive as it is varied, while Al Horner is ever-impressive as the host with the most…


Comedian Andrew Santino has a bulging black book of comedy contacts – and he’s not afraid to use it! That’s how he’s able to call upon a parade of hilarious guests to join him on this refreshingly casual interview pod, which sees a few measures of whiskey sipped while the chat flows – his red hair provides the ginger! It’s not just comedy, either; the likes of John Cena and Meghan Trainor have popped up of late, so there’s always a surprise around the corner!


Tim, Jonathan and Phil claim that their virtual clubhouse chats make up the longest-running rugby podcast on the planet – and they’re still going strong today! WIth eyes turning towards the World Cup, there’ll be plenty to mull over in the weeks and months ahead, and if you’re a fan of their laid-back banter then you’ve got years and years worth of back episodes to wade through; everything you could need for a rucking great time!


Taking a very, very deep dive into the emotional impact that music can have, this BBC production is proof that a song can change the world. With everything from pop and rock to opera and jazz covered along the way, there’s little chance of getting bored, and though new episodes are sporadic, there’s a decade’s worth of episodes sure to tickle your fancy – just don’t be surprised if you’re reaching for a tissue listening to the heartfelt stories you’ll hear!


From breaking news to some pretty frank views, anything that’s making waves is on the table when Virgin Media Television’s own Gavan Reilly, Zara King and Richard Chambers get on the mics! With revealing reporting and insightful commentary to the fore, it’s everything you’ll need to get up to speed on the stories making the headlines – all delivered with the wit and wisdom you’d expect from three good mates putting the world to rights!

So whether it’s comedic craic, sporty chats, true crime thrills or political punditry, you can be certain that your next spin sounds fantastic! All you need is the perfect podcast to keep you company – and, of course a great phone to play it from! Find loads of great offers right now on Virgin Mobile …and happy driving!