5 ways to kickstart your Smart Home

Are you sitting down? Good – because with the power of Virgin Media’s Smart Home packages, there’s barely a need to get back up! Make yourself comfy and discover how you can take charge from your chair...


From parcel deliveries to visitors far and wide; your doorstep becomes a hive of activity – and with the Google Nest Hello Doorbell, you’ll be on top of everything no matter where you are! You can see who’s there, and even talk to them, through the app on your phone or tablet...and if you’d rather avoid them completely, then you can do that too!

For some extra peace of mind, the Google Nest Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera will let you know if the kids arrive in early or if that’s just your neighbour’s who cat decided to meander by. With 24/7 coverage and customisable alerts, you can rest easy with this smart device!


Summer showers and cooler evenings are nobody’s idea of a good time, so there’s a lot to be said for drawing the curtains on a cosy night in – but when it’s time to find out what’s going on outside, there’s no need for you to take a look! Just ask your Google Nest Mini, and it’ll give you all the need-to-knows. Oh, and from trivia questions to suggestions for dinner, it can answer just about any other query you throw at it either; a seriously smart speaker!


Sometimes, bigger really is better – which means that when it comes to watching videos, streams and everything else besides, gathering round a phone screen simply won’t do. Well, that’s what Google Chromecast is for; a touch of a button, and whatever’s on your mobile or laptop will beam straight onto your telly in all its glory – save your eyesight and let this gadget do the heavy lifting!


Fancy testing your trivia knowledge with a little quiz? Or maybe cueing your favourite tunes to cut up the living room rug? No matter what your idea of a good night in, the Google Nest Hub is the ticket to the hottest home entertainment in town – and it will even sync with your other devices to help let you move on the move! It’s hard to get bored when you’ve a Smart Home on your side...


Leaving the couch to hit the lamp switch – well, it’s just a bit of a drag. Rejoice then, at the awesome power of the B22 Multi-Colour Lightbulbs; with your mobile in hand, you’ll have complete domination of your illumination! Coming in multiple colours, they’re also a killer way to jazz up a room. Pop one in your porch and it could even be the get-out you need when you’re struggling to find the keyhole after a late night on the town…

Of course, to truly ace your Smart Home set-up, a strong broadband connection is key. For uninterrupted connectivity and on-the-go management, rely on Virgin Media's lightning-fast Broadband and Mobile packages. With Virgin, your journey to a smart home starter-pack will be an absolute breeze!