5 Ways to Maximise Your Broadband Experience

From smashing speeds to rock-solid reliability, we’ve got the lowdown on everything from WiFi routers to hotspots to help you make the most of your Virgin Broadband this season! Check out our pro-tips:


Broadband control - My Virgin Media app

Coming soon to an app store near you! ‘Is there an app to help manage my WiFi connectivity, billing and everything in between?’we hear you ask. Well, yes, it's about to launch! The My Virgin Media app will give you a whole new level of control – from keeping an eye on usage and paying bills, to pausing WiFi on all your connected devices – helping you stay on top of your to-do list and slay the kids screen-time,all at the same time. It makes sharing your WiFi connection with friends a doddle, and you can also schedule (and reschedule!) technicians’ call-outs; it also has live chat! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Extend your broadband signal

If there are pesky corners of your home where your broadband struggles to break through due to thick walls or other internet signal issues, then Smart Wifi Pods are the signal strength saviour you’ve been waiting for. Simply plug one in, and the small but mighty gadget will boost your signal to ensure you’re covered across every inch of your home - for only €5 a month and with guaranteed lightning fast speeds! It’s bye bye slow internet speeds, and hello to a faster internet connection. If those black spots persist, you’ll bag €50 credit, guaranteed.


Broadband for gaming and entertainment

What broadband is best for gaming? Well, Virgin Media broadband of course! A combination of superfast speeds and 99.9% reliability means your Virgin Broadband is ready to smash every entertainment need you can imagine – from thumb-thumping your way through the hottest video games on the block with reduced latency, to streaming Netflix, Prime Video and On Demand shows and films whenever the mood takes you! Draw the curtains and get comfy, ‘cos there’s a world of entertainment at your fingertips.


WiFi hotspots

It’s not just around the house that Virgin Broadband is on your side; with hundreds of hotspots all around the country, you’ll have access points galore so you’re covered on the move, too. With the My Virgin Media app, it’s a breeze to get set – and from streaming in the hair salon to bingeing in the breakroom, you can harness the power of faster and more reliable WiFi no matter where the road takes you.



Smart Home & Broadband

From seeing who’s on your doorstep to getting creative in the kitchen, life is a whole lot smoother when you’ve got the power of a Smart Home. So what are the benefits of smart home? Whether it’s the Google Nest Hub to provide the entertainment, the Google Nest Doorbell to look after the comings and goings,or TP Link Smart Plugs that power up just when you want them, these must-have connected devices are everything you could need to make me-time even easier.




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