Adding premium channels to your Virgin TV bundle


What are premium channels?

You can add premium channels to your existing Virgin TV channels for an extra charge each month. The charge will vary depending on the channels you want to add, and this will appear on the following month's bill.

We currently host Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, MUTV, Racing UK, Playboy, Television X and Zee TV, but if there's a premium channel we don't currently have, we'd love to hear your suggestions. Just let us know on social media and we'll see what we can do!

Here's how to add premium channels to your pack...

Browse and order channels

Browse our current collection of premium channels.


Once you've decided which premium TV channel or bundle is for you, hit the Order Now button.


New or existing TV customer?

You'll be asked if you're an existing TV subscriber. As an existing customer, you should select: I already have a TV subscription from Virgin Media, and go straight to checkout.


If you're not a TV subscriber you can choose: I want to add a TV subscription, and find a TV package that suits you best.

Choose if you are a new or existing TV subscriber



Fill out the answers for the order and that's it!


Your premium channels should be activated on all set top boxes in your home within 15 mins. Find them via their channel number or through the guide.

Follow the on screen instructions to complete your order.


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