How to record and delete Digital TV

Find out how to record shows from your TV or TV Guide, and delete recordings when you're done


Recording live TV

To record while watching live TV, hit the Rec button on the bottom left of the remote.


This will start recording from that point up until the end of the current show that's on.


Recording from the TV guide

To record from the guide, hit the Guide button on your remote and highlight the show you want to record by using the up, down, and left and right navigation keys.


Once your show is highlighted, press the Rec button on the remote.


You will be asked if you'd like to record just this episode or the entire season - select your chosen option and press OK to begin the recording.


Deleting content

Press the DVR button on your remote to access your list of recorded items and use the navigation keys to highlight the show you want to delete.


Once you've highlighted it, press the Blue button to delete all episodes.


If you want to delete just a single episode, press OK to confirm.


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