How to replay, pause and rewind Digital TV

With Digital TV you're in control. You can replay, pause or rewind TV and here's how...


Frequently asked questions

How do you replay TV?

To record a show, hit the red Rec button on the bottom left of your remote and the Digital TV box will instantly start recording. 


To replay that show, just hit the DVR button in the centre of the remote and use the up and down navigation keys to highlight the recording you made. Press OK to play that recording.

How do you pause Digital TV?

Press the Pause button at the bottom of the remote at any time. This will hold the current show in place until you hit the Play button.


If you pause a show and try to navigate to another channel, a pop up box will warn you that the paused content will be lost.

How do you rewind TV?

Press the Rewind arrow key at the bottom left of the remote. The box will then rewind through the content right up to the point where you first changed to that specific channel.


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