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Frequently asked questions

What is On Demand?

On Demand TV is a world of entertainment - including your favourite box sets, blockbuster movies and Virgin Exclusives.

How do you access On Demand?

  1. Press the On Demand button on your Digital TV remote
  2. Then: OK

How do you search by keyword in On Demand?

To search for a specific keyword, press left on your remote when you first open the main On Demand menu. You can type in any keyword using your remote, for example 'Gogglebox', and it will show you related results.

What is the 'For You' section?

The For You section is where we let you know our top picks for you from the entire On Demand library. Think of it as your very own highlight reel.

What is the 'Catch Up' section?

The Catch Up section is where you'll find all the TV Players in On Demand - like the 3 Player, RTE Player and more. Content in here is updated daily, so if you missed an episode of your favorite show this section should be your first stop.

What is the 'Rent' section

The Rent section is where you'll find the latest movies to rent. These are rented for 48 hrs and in that time you can watch them as many times as you like!

You'll need your customer PIN to rent a movie and any rentals will be itemised on your next bill.

What is the 'Kids' section?

The Kids section is dedicated to your little ones. It includes age appropriate movies, box sets from all their favorites such as Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and much more! Try the box set playlists - when one episode ends, the next one auto-plays right after!


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