Rebooting your hub

Sometimes a reboot can help solve a number of hub connection issues. It's also the first thing we would ask you to do if you called us for help. Here's how you do it...


Look at the back of your hub

Turn your hub around so you can see where the cables connect into it.


Your Virgin Media hub



Turn the black A/C power switch into the off position. The switch is in the off position when the O is pressed in.


Leave it off for approximately 10 seconds.

The backside of your hub


Turn the power back on

Now power your hub back up by flipping the A/C power switch back into its on position. The A/C power switch is in the on position when the 'I' symbol is pressesd in.


The hub can take up to five minutes to get completely connected again. You'll know the connection is back up and running when you see the base light (solid line LED) is lit on the front of the hub.

Virgin media hub lights

Your Virgin media hub