Powerline adapters

Find out how powerline adapters can help get your WiFi flowing at full speed into every corner of your home


Frequently asked questions

What are powerline adaptors?

These are small devices that use electrical outlets and cabling to send broadband signal around your home.


They come in a kit which consists of a master device and a satellite device. 

The master device connects to your modem via an Ethernet cable and then gets plugged into a standard plug socket. The satellite device can be plugged in in another room that needs a WiFi boost. It will broadcast your wireless network directly from that power outlet.

How do you pay for them?

There's a one-off charge of €50 for a powerline kit. There's no additional monthly charge and they're yours to keep.

Why might you need these?

Our WiFi is pretty robust, but some homes can experience wireless signal issues caused by solid concrete walls or a very large distance between some rooms and your hub.


Powerline kits get WiFi flowing into these areas - so it's just like having another hub right there in the room!

How can you order them?

Call us on freephone 1908 and we'll have the order placed right away. The kit will be delivered to you via courier within two working days.

What happens if you need help using them?

While we provide support for our broadband connection and our hubs, powerline adaptors are not officially supported by us.


But, if you're running into problems, we'll see what we can do to help - give our teams a call on freephone 1908, Live chat or contact via social media.

Can you order more than one kit?

Yes. Each kit costs €50.

Are there any conditions that can impact powerline performance?

Yes, for example - connecting powerlines through extension cables can cause their setup to fail, or older/faulty electrical cabling in the house could reduce their performance.

How do you install and set up your powerline kit?

The kit itself will come with a full setup guide and we've also created a handy guide to help.